Sibelco want to carve up 1000+ acres of Norfolk countryside to create UK’s largest Silica Sand Quarry. So huge Wembley Stadium could fit in the area 97 times.

This is one of several sites they want to extract silica sand from in the UK.

Needless to say the residents in two villages’ adjacent are up in arms about this proposal.

Regarding the recently approved quarry made by Cheshire West along with Cheshire East.

It’s now emerging that due process may not have been followed by Cheshire West in that the councillors were asked to make a decision based on incomplete details, and were advised that responses to  environmental reports were still awaited.

This may well form the basis of a judicial review  or legal action, in that the meeting should have been deferred till such time the council had all the information to include it in the report made to councillors prior to them making a decision.