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Dear Sir

At the last cranage parish council meeting Mr J Ashall architect representing woodside golf club was allowed to give a presentation outside of the public forum time, this item was not on the agenda the only reference was for an update to be given by councillor J Halsted, this was an unusual occurrence   but the chairman allowed it to take place.

The basic reason for this presentation was to gain support from the parish council and indeed seek for a representative of the parish council to attend a planning meeting to confirm that they are in favour of the proposal.


The proposed creation of leisure facilities at woodside golf club at first glance looks too good to be true and no one wants to look a gift horse in the mouth.

But there are several issues that should be addressed; firstly this proposal is linked to the planning application for seven detached houses and a twenty seven bedroom hotel.

All of this in what is open countryside and a rural location, looking in more detail at the proposal I would ask, is the land on which the leisure element is proposed, being gifted or sold to either the parish council or to Cheshire east. if it isn’t then what happens to the facility if wood side golf cease trading or change ownership?

The proposal is set in a rural location and mainly consists of a bowling green and children’s play area along with a tennis court, because of its location access will require residents to use a car but there is no car park attached to the proposal, it will also need to be accessed by crossing land owned by woodside golf, is there a right of way to be established to safeguard the access for the future.

All of this should be dealt with in a legal agreement. That all parties concerned have had access to and agree on.

Further the parish council have been dealing with the transfer of the existing bowling green and facilities already in cranage from Cheshire east and are in the process of transferring the lease to the bowling club who in turn have planning for a replacement club house.

The creation of a further bowling green that is nowhere near resident’s homes and for the parish council to support this seems perverse, also the children’s play area is nowhere near residents and therefore would require a car journey to access seems unnecessary when again a play area already exists in cranage within walking distance.

A leisure facility of this size would normally include toilet facilities but none are included nor is it clear who will be responsible for the day to day maintenance and costs in the long term.

The more cynical of residents may conclude that this is a blatant attempt to gain planning permission for seven executive houses in open countryside.

The parish council should not support this proposal till they have informed residents fully and got clear answers to the items set out above.

Yours truly

Mr P Wild