Dear Resident

I wish to draw your attention to the actions of the Parish Council with regards to Sibelco’s application for sand extraction in Cranage. The biggest planning application seen in living memory.

An extra Parish Council  meeting was called to discuss the planning application.  The fact that this meeting was not published in sufficient time for residents to attend was unlawful and disrespects residents.

The decision taken not to object was unlawful when two councillors were advised they had declarable interests and were advised not to take part. This is totally at odds with the Local Government Act of 2012.

Further it does not represent what residents’ views are, more than 260 objections have been lodged at Cheshire East by Cranage residents.

The duties of a councillor are to listen to and take note and represent the views of residents not what they think should happen.

Goostrey Parish Council has lodged an objection to the scheme.

The chairman Mr Dooley has stated that a traffic survey was carried out by him personally but he has not supplied a properly carried out survey information report.

I would also draw your attention to the paddock on the corner of Middlewich road and the A50, despite making several promises to protect our land, and it is ours ladies and gentlemen , they have in the last 12 months spent in excess of £4000 pounds of rate payers funds on legal fees, yet they still have not completed  the action they  were advised on, to form the residents company to protect the land from developers or as we saw in the past a Parish Council ignoring residents views .this is now three years since they were forced to hold a referendum yet they still delay action. The only thing outstanding is to transfer the land to the company.

I would urge residents to attend the parish meeting on the Tuesday 29th of November 7.30 at the village hall to hear first-hand what the Council intend to do about the sand quarry and why they voted no objection, and why the paddock is still not protected and ask where they stand on these matters,

Several residents are now calling for a vote of no confidence to be taken and the dismissal of the existing Parish Council

Make your views known at the meeting.

Cheshire East have now extended the deadline  for letters of objection to the  21st of Feb 2017