Report on the planning meeting at Cheshire West and Chester Council 24th January 2019

Thursday the 24th of January saw the planning committee meeting for Cheshire West at HQ in Chester

On the agenda was the application for yet another large new building for FP McCann in Byley.

Councillor Mark Stocks spoke to inform the committee that this company had breached several times the conditions laid down by this committee at a previous hearing.

He went on to say this was an overdevelopment of industrial proportions set in a rural environment.

And was the third application in two years for large developments on this expanded site.

Parish Council vice chairman Mr Steve Moran had applied to speak via the on line application system and was registered at the desk on arrival. Yet after all others had spoken to the meeting he was not called upon to do so.

The chairman opened it up for debate by the councillors at which point Mr Moran can be clearly heard on the web cam asking to be heard, the chairman said just a minute and conferred with an officer and then carried on with the meeting and did not acknowledge Mr Moran’s request.

Not only was this total outrageous but it shows a complete disregard to the democratic process.

They went on to approve the application.

Further matters came to light in the hours after the meeting

A resident had applied on line to speak at the meeting but was told because he had not sent a letter or e-mail in stating his comments he was not allowed to speak.

The council should be asked to provide the documents that state this to be correct; certainly no details exist on the government’s protocol that says this is a requirement.

Also another resident has pointed out that his objection letter attached to the documents pack was referring to yet a further application from McCann’s for a substantial office block yet the planning reference number was changed and the office block now refers  you to D shop documents the subject of Thursdays meeting. And his objection letter was attached to the D shop documents

Further there is a statutory duty set down by the government that all planning applications in a parish must be notified directly to the relevant parish council.

Cheshire west despite being told previously they have failed to inform the parish council several times over the last few years , and it appears they are being totally disregarded yet again.

Despite a large number of complaints being sent in to the council regarding noise working hours lighting etc. all of which are in breach of conditions, two breach notices have been served but nothing is being acted upon by the council officers to enforce the conditions. Several complaints have been backed up with video evidence yet the officers say they have insufficient evidence.

This all adds up to raise doubts about the activities of the council officers and should be fully investigated by the ombudsman or indeed a legal action brought.

It’s a total disgrace, incompetent and a shambles conducted by the council officers, and a full investigation should be carried out with total transparency to establish what exactly is going on.

In the meantime perhaps Ian Hislop the editor of Privte Eye might like to include Cheshire West in the rotten boroughs award recently given to Cheshire East.