As we wandered around the internet today we came across this Friends of the Earth campaign which I am sure we can all get behind living in Cranage and surrounding villages.

Air pollution affects us all – but not nearly enough is being done about it.

Dirty air is linked to serious health conditions including asthma, heart disease and lung cancer. And it hits children – whose lungs are still developing – the hardest.

The response from politicians hasn’t been good enough. The latest government plan to tackle illegal pollution is breathtakingly short on detail and doesn’t go far enough to address the public health crisis of our dirty air.

Right now we have a chance make a difference. The plan will be finalised in mid-July. If enough of us demand an end to toxic air pollution now the final plan could be much more effective.

The best way to curb illegal pollution is to discourage dirty vehicles in polluted areas, via so-called ‘Clean Air Zones’, and to help diesel drivers switch to cleaner alternatives.

Let’s tell the Prime Minister we want these measures and more, to ensure clean air everywhere.


It will take you one minute and pass it around, if everyone took action at time it would make a difference.  Or we could just shrug our shoulders moan about the fact that our leader magically found a billion pounds on her non existent magic tree in the back garden to give to the DUP to prop up her government!

Sometimes you have to just take a stand and take action where it’s required!