Dear Cranage Resident,

You should be receiving this also via your letterbox which will be hand delivered at the start of January

I am writing to you on behalf of a group of local residents who are working to find a solution to the increasing traffic noise from the M6.

We need your responses to this letter please.

The Committee was formed on 19th September 2017 and consists of Andrew Kolker (Cheshire East Councillor), Mike Hodge (Cranage Parish Councillor), Inam Choudhry,  Stuart Jackson , Peter Wild and Joan Wild.

Its purpose is to bring together a cohesive decision-making group to coordinate efforts to mitigate the noise problems from the M6.

Prior to its formation a number of meetings had taken place with residents and our MP Fiona Bruce who supports our actions, and has asked questions in parliament on our behalf; other meetings have taken place with Cheshire East officers and Highways England.

What has now come to light from documents now in the hands of the committee is that in 1994, the then Highways Agency stated that there was a problem over noise and produced plans to install a 4m high fence to protect residents of Cranage. This was all part of the Secretary of State’s printed order at that time, based on 90,000 traffic movements per day. Now there are 144,000 and this is predicted by Highways England to rise to 188,000 per day on completion of the smart motorway. Yet Highways England now insists that there is no problem with noise levels.

We have held meetings with Miller Goodall a specialist company that deal in design solutions, also with Tilon, a specialist noise absorbing fence manufacturer.

What we wish to establish is the extent in area that residents are affected by the noise and pollution levels.

We therefore do request that you include your address in the survey below (to help establish which are the most seriously affected area of Cranage) which will not be disclosed to any third party. If you wish to be kept informed on further developments then please also include your email address, all of which can be done via the secure form below., Please can you ensure you have done this by the 31st Jan 2018


  • To help us identify the worse areas please provide your name and road you live on below, this information will be kept within the Committee

Please do this by the 31st Jan 2018