We are thinking we should help our neighbours in Lancashire as they may need to help us out down the line as we all know fracking is being sought in Cheshire!

So it will take you 2 minutes to sign this friends of the earth petition!


Fracking company Cuadrilla are itching to get drilling in Lancashire. They’ve already started work on site. All against the wishes of local people.
What makes this even worse is that they haven’t carried out all the water testing they are required to by new laws.
We’re repeatedly told our regulation will protect us from the risks of fracking. But Cuadrilla aren’t completing the year’s worth of water tests the law says they need to before they start the fracking process.
The Environment Agency, who help regulate fracking, can put the brakes on drilling in Lancashire until all the tests are completed by updating Cuadrilla’s fracking permit.
Cuadrilla’s permit from the Environment Agency has not been updated since these new rules became law.
Please ask the Environment Agency to insist Cuadrilla plays by the rules. Email the Environment Agency Chief Executive, Sir James Bevan, now.