Sibelco have now submitted a planning application for a sand quarry
excavation at Rudheath Lodge Farm, with the proposed area straddling
Goostrey, Cranage and Allostock. Cheshire West and Chester council have
delegated the planning decision to Cheshire East, a decision that is being
challenged as unlawful.

The link below refers:

Objections can be submitted electronically via the “Available Actions”
section of the web page.

Please feel free to forward onto anyone who may have an interest, whether
locally or as regular visitors to the area.

We are now receiving comprehensive legal advice and support from similar
community groups across the UK which is hugely helpful and has resulted in
the objection period already being extended.

The local Parish Council’s met recently and have frustratingly decided not
to specifically object although they are putting together a series of
conditions to put before the Strategic Planning Group should the plans be
approved (eg, better screening, tighter operating hours, sand not to be
utilised for fracking etc etc)

MP Fiona Bruce is preparing her objection to the plans as are Jodrell Bank.

We would be sincerely grateful if each of you could undertake the following
action in order to assist with the challenges submitted to date. Regardless
of whether you are a CWAC resident or a Cheshire East resident, please amend
the below to suit you and forward to both Chief Executives and Planning
Departments. E mail addresses below:

[email protected].uk
[email protected]


As residents of (Cheshire East/CWAC) we wish to raise a complaint in respect
of planning application 16/4724W and 16/04550/AAC on the grounds that the
significant number of objections raised to date relate as much to the CWAC
area as they do to the Cheshire East area.

It is abundantly clear that CWAC residents will be significantly more
impacted by the proposal than Cheshire East residents with the entry and
exit to the site and the sand drying plant all situated on New Platt Lane.
(CWAC land).

We further note that in meetings held with Sibelco over three and a half
years ago, back on 22nd April 2013, CWAC were insistent that they, as a
local authority, should be the lead authority for any future sand extraction
planning application due to the significant impact upon CWAC residents.

That insistence now appears to have been abdicated, with CWAC residents now
at the mercy of future decisions which appear to have been delegated to
Cheshire East in direct contravention of your own constitution and the Local
Development Plans for both areas.

It is our view that this planning application should be invalidated as a
matter of urgency.