Date: 13 November 2016 at 19:13:49 GMT
To: [email protected]
Subject: FAO Edward Chapman – Planning application call-in Sand extraction Cheshire

Dear Mr Chapman,

Thankyou for your email of 11 November.

Please find attached a copy of a recent email I have received from the Director of Governance at Cheshire West and Chester Council (CWAC) sent to a concerned Councillor.   PDF copy here

This piece of communication is irrefutable evidence of the utterly shambolic manner in which this controversial cross-boundary application is currently being processed.

The attached email is lackluster at best, seriously disingenuous at worst. The statement within, concerning the amendment to the CWAC constitution, is patently false. The amendment being referred to was only concerned with unconventional oil and gas exploration; the amendment has no relevance whatsoever to this application.

Further, the language used in this email avoids explicitly confirming that CWAC is indeed going to meet its constitutional and legal duty to determine its part of this application. It also fails to confirm that the consultation period will begin again after Sibelco’s twin application has been validated and publicised by CWAC. This must be done in the interests of fairness & transparency to allow CWAC residents, businesses and any other interested parties, opportunity to comment.

Huge confusion and concern still, therefore, surround this application. Despite the process being in utter disarray, Cheshire East Council (CEC) is still scheduled to determine this application at a committee meeting on 14th December 2016.  

The local communities now have a major interest in this application have absolutely no confidence in the current process. We would be extremely grateful if you could provide both CWAC and CEC with the guidance that is so clearly required in order to ensure that some faith might be restored.

Kind regards

Gareth Woods