Further to the article in the sandbach chronicle last week, its content was not entirely correct,

The meeting referred to was called by highways England for Cranage parish councillors to attend to be given an update on progress of the scheme, the general public were not invited,at that meeting they were informed that a request for noise barriers had been submitted to the transport minister and they expected a response shortly ,but they also stated that they expected that the minister would refuse such a request, not surprising given the lack of enthusiasm by highways to engage on this matter, his refusal they stated would be on the grounds of not wanting to set a precedent.

The article states sixty residents are affected by noise this is factually not correct, the number of residents directly affected is closer to two hundred, with a great many more affected by the pollution problems that emanate from the M6 which highways don’t except any responsibility for at all. Our MP Fiona Bruce is backing the residents group and I have had several meetings and correspondence with her, she has asked in the house of commons several questions and held meetings with the minister for transport, she has also asked Cheshire east council why they have no equipment at all to monitor for M10 and M2.5 particulates that are directly linked to causing cancers of various types, I have furnished Fiona with the information that Stockport MBC have three roadside units to monitor for various types of pollution including NOX gas and particulates, which begs the question if a small urban area can afford three units how come a huge area like Cheshire east say they can’t even afford one.

Since that meeting took place the all-party House of Commons transport committee, all lanes running second report 2016-2017 has been published, the summary makes startling reading, they state all motorways that are to have no permanent hard shoulder are not safe and further studies should be carried out before any further work is done. This section of motorway is directly referred to in the report.

This is the direct link to that report Transport Report

Several residents at public meetings did say they had concerns over the safety aspect of the proposed smart motorway, and the number of accidents on this stretch of the M6 does seem to be a cause for concern ,you only have to have a radio on for traffic reports to realise the number of incidents each day on this section.