Yes you read that right the wonderful highways agency are spending a 100 million pounds to trial options of reducing pollution.

Why are they spending 100 milion on this feasibility study? yet we can’t have a noise absorbing fence along this section of motorway and it was pointed out to them by me two years ago about similar fences to what we propose now already in Austria that absorb noise and pollution .

From the Guardian

Major roads could be turned into tunnels covered with pollution-absorbing material in an effort to cut emission fumes and improve air quality.

Highways Agency officials are studying a Dutch scheme in which cantilevered canopies are constructed over the most polluted sections of road to prevent local residents breathing in noxious car fumes.

Poor air quality is reported to kill as many as 40,000 people a year prematurely in the UK, and levels in many areas regularly breach European legal limits. The government has twice had its plans to tackle the issue ruled illegal by the courts.

The tunnel plans are outlined in an air improvement strategy plan to help reduce pollution. Officials say they are investing millions of pounds in new technology to improve air quality around roads in the next five years. The Department of Transport predicts traffic volumes are expected to increase by 55% between 2010 and 2040.

Surely if the dutch have proved systems you don’t need to spend all that money doing your own research?   And what happens if you drive a convertible and happen to have the roof down and hit one of these tunnel zones?

You can read the full piece here