With the recent shake up in the government, you have probably noticed that Chris Grayling MP is now heading up the Transport department, were asking all residents who are affected by the constant noise and pollution to write letters to him so he knows the local issues.  Remember if you sit on the fence and think other people will do it for me then Chris will never know how it affects YOU!

Chris Grayling MP
House of Commons

Or email him via [email protected]

Here is a copy of our letter we have sent to him today

The Rht Hon  Chris Grayling MP
House of Commons

Dear Sir

Firstly congratulations on becoming minister for transport and cabinet member in parliament,

I write in response to the letter from Fiona Bruce MP and the letter she enclosed from your predecessor in the ministry of transport. (Enclosed)

I would request a fresh set of eyes looks at the problems that many local residents are faced with, something I’m sure when you farther lived in Allostock the adjacent parish to Cranage he too would have been affected, even more so now that traffic flows have increased year on year. (140 thousand per day at present and predicted to rise to 180 thousand and above)

Let me state at the outset residents are in no way against the improvements to the M6.providing they are of benefit to both drivers and residents.

Our concerns are that from the outset no consideration was applied to protecting residents, our view is that such a major scheme under the codes of practise should have required a full planning application, which in turn would have led to a proper proposal to mitigate noise and pollution. Highways England however persuaded your predecessor to sign off that it wasn’t required, which flies in the face of what’s written in Hansard and the requirements for a major scheme.

After several heated meetings with highways England and both separate meetings with the parish council and Cheshire east, it became apparent that highways were not prepared to do anything about the noise levels, and hid behind the statement that what was proposed would not significantly increase the noise levels, totally ignoring the fact that the existing levels are way above the world health authority safe level for health, and can seriously effect life expectance and both mental and respiratory long term problems.

We have supplied data readings on two occasions for several weeks that show levels 10 to 15 decibels above the safe level and these levels are constant day and night.

They state that a low noise surface is to be applied; ignoring the fact we have had such a surface for several years on this stretch to no discernibly improvement.

Of even more concern is that highways don’t except any responsibility for pollution that is directly attributable to the M6 and have stated several times that this is a Cheshire east matter.

Cheshire east has no equipment for monitoring particulate matter M10 and M2.5 yet our location is designated by Defra a hotspot .

Particulate matter comes from both the exhausts of cars and HGV but also from road wear and brake linings and tyre wear.it is particularly dangerous in that the M2.5 particulates can be directly absorbed in the blood stream via the lungs and thus lead to various cancers in the human body.

Several studies by university’s the WHO and the EU and leading experts worldwide show how dangerous this is, mitigation measures have been used in Europe on motorways to both reduce the noise levels and capture to some extent the particulates.

The cost to the NHS must run to millions and with the loss of life expectancy, most experts predict ten years on this, the loss to the economy is enormous.

Defra’s plans to tackle this are shambolic and client earth has taken this to the courts.

The county and the world are waking up to the fact that pollution is the biggest killer to mankind and ignoring the facts is a reckless action. The problems are not just in London, which has become very vocal over pollution recently.

Now we find that the scheme in general terms an all lane running design is condemned by the House of Commons transport committee all lane running second report 2016-2017.for being unsafe and state that further studies should be undertaken before any more work is carried out. Both the RAC and the AA agree on this also.

I must say I agree that this idea is not safe, we have noticed that since the hard shoulder has been used for a running lane and with a speed limit in place the number of accidents has increased, not to just the odd one but several each day, and you only have to listen to the BBC radio traffic reports that each day list junction 17 to 19 hold ups and complete stoppages, with no hard shoulder drivers have nowhere to go if they can manage to limp a few yards let alone travel 2.5km to find a layby.

Protection from noise and pollution has been provide in other areas on motorways but it seems we are not worth considering to be good value for money, well I think my health and wellbeing are vitally important along with the two hundred or so other residential properties whose residents are directly affected by noise and the many more whose lives are put at risk due to pollution.

Properties affected just in this location are on Northwich road into Allostock Sandy lane Kings lane Oak tree lane Midlewhich road Cranage Byley lane Needham drive estate  Middlewich road Holmes Chapel other roads around Holmes chapel are also affected. Other areas affected are in Allostock and Brereton.

We respectfully request that a more detailed look is taken and that consideration is given to erect barriers along more parts of this section of motorway to protect residents from noise and pollution. And serious consideration is given to provide a hard shoulder to allow emergency response to access any situation.