Just received this email from a local resident

Dear sir

The application by sibelco which from conversations with cranage residents show that the majority are opposed to this development.

Its perhaps not surprising that the parish council decided to hold a meeting to discuss this application but gave virtually no notice to residents who may have wished to attend and speak etc. and then decide without a full council meeting that they have no objection to the proposal, further I notice they have now placed a notice in the sandbach chronicle asking residents for their views and to communicate them to the clerk.

This yet again shows the sheer incompetence of cranage parish council, they make a decision then ask residents for views, talk about the cart before the horse.

This application will severely impact on all residents not only in cranage but surrounding parishes with just the traffic movements required each day, this is a major industrial proposal.

Perhaps residents should ask the parish council to justify their actions and the disregard of residents