Latest update April 2018

Rag has been in talks with two consultant companies over obtaining the data required to establish the true facts surrounding the noise levels from the M6, and to compare this to the 1994 data that stated Cranage had a noise problem, and proposed noise fencing to protect Cranage.

The recent survey distributed to resident’s homes by RAG showed that out of the 339 survey sheets distributed that 214 were returned; out of those 197 indicated they had noise problems with 130 losing sleep due to the excessive levels already in existence.

So 92{41d8691ba718a018d53949c5ba603eea82bf50655d76ebb1e68f94519c671f35} of residents who returned the survey have an issue with noise !!

Requests to the Parish Council elicited a contribution of £1000 towards the costs of appointing a consultant firm; a subsequent request for additional funding was refused.

A letter is being distributed to all the residents that responded to the survey and you can see a copy here

(Chronical editorial team comment)
(It is with regret that RAG has now got to ask residents to contribute towards the costs, this despite the parish council having assets in the bank of £69.000 and just increased the precept paid by residents for 2018/2019 by a staggering 67{41d8691ba718a018d53949c5ba603eea82bf50655d76ebb1e68f94519c671f35} this on top of the 5.99{41d8691ba718a018d53949c5ba603eea82bf50655d76ebb1e68f94519c671f35} by Cheshire east.)

We have set up a specific bank account which is shown on the letters being delivered to local residents and also emailed but as it is not wise to publish bank details on here we have set up a donation button powered by Stripe payments which is safe and secure, they handle all the card details so we never see or store them.

Please if you can donate to help cover the costs then put in the amount you can donate and hit the blue button

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FYI Stripe will take 1.4{41d8691ba718a018d53949c5ba603eea82bf50655d76ebb1e68f94519c671f35} +20p of your donation on transaction fees