At last night’s meeting with the m6 people my version of the construction of a gabion wall was brought into doubt by the man from Carillion who stated a 6mt high wall would need to be 10 meters wide, so today I contacted one of the major manufacturers of gabions based in stoke on Trent to ascertain there preferred design size for such a wall, just to make sure that my previous use of gabions during my career was not to out of date with today’s design requirements.

The reply is set out below, which shows yet again that highways are in correct. And they have sufficient land to build such a wall.


Peter wild


From: Andy Fields
Sent: 02 December 2015 14:36
To: peterwild
Cc: Neil Holmes; Helen Spooner; Bethany Dean; Clair Kirby
Subject: RE: noise wall

Hello Peter

Thank you for your enquiry. I think your builder was being a bit enthusiastic with his dimensions. The base width of a free standing wall is based upon 3 factors.

  1. Mass of the wall.
  2. Local wind speeds.
  3. Bearing capacity of the ground.


In general you can build a 3m high gabion wall 1m wide and it will be stable.

So for 6m all other things being equal you would not expect to exceed 3m wide at the base, and we would endeavour to value engineer the structure to be a slender as possible.


All that said there is more to a noise barrier than building it high. Location, geometry and materials are equally more important. You need to have your noise wall as close to the source as possible. The materials must be reflective or absorptive or both, and the geometry of the wall should be such that it bounces as much of the noise away from the target but not towards another structure that could bounce the sound back over the initial structure.


If you have a site plan of where you want to build the wall and where the noise source is in relation to you, then we may be able to offer some more practical advice.


Andy Fields

Engineering Assistant, Enviromesh


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