below is a copy of the question raised in July at the East Cheshire Planning Committee in July 2013

Good afternoon my name is joan wild  a resident of cranage but not directly affected by this proposal.

The Paddock at Middlewich Road is agricultural land i.e. not brownfield or infill

The Paddock is owned by Cranage residents it was left to the people in 1782  and its yearly income was to  provide food to be distributed to the poor and is now administered by Cranage Parish Council on our behalf.

It has been clearly demonstrated that there is NOT a need for more affordable houses in Cranage. When there was a development of ten affordable houses at what is now Big Stone Gardens a few yards from this site, the housing association concerned was unable to find enough people from Cranage able to occupy the houses and struggled to find applicants even when people outside (what was then) Congleton Borough were allowed to apply.

An affordable housing development at the Paddock is not sustainable as it is not within reasonable walking distance of any shops, schools, or health facilities.

Cranage Parish Council  distributed questionnaires to Cranage households in April of this year regarding an affordable housing development at the Paddock. The results were as follows

  1. Delivered 420
  2. Responses received 249 (59% a return which would delight most politicians)
  3. Votes yes to affordable housing 37
  4. Votes no to affordable housing 212 i.e. nearly 6 to 1 against affordable housing on this site.
  5. Preferred alternative uses the majority wanted it left for grazing its present use.

Ample affordable housing is planned or under construction in other nearby localities (Twemlow, Holmes Chapel etc) and therefore Cheshire East is in serious danger allowing the area to be saturated with affordable houses.

I would like to draw your attention to a proposed application for 11 houses on a brownfield site on the A50

Several hundred yards from this one, and nearer to Holmes chapel, your planning officer has raised objections and I quote.


The site is not considered to be within walking distance of necessary facilities and local amenities.

It is in an isolated position.

Nearest school 1.8km

Local shops 1.5km

The NPPF states that decisions should ensure the need to travel will be minimised,

key facilities such as primary schools and shops should be within walking distance

This proposal fails to comply. Unquote

I therefore contend that given that this proposal before you is even further away, the same criteria should be applied.

In view of the results of the questionnaire survey, I believe I can speak on behalf of the majority of the residents of Cranage, and urge the Planning Committee to reject this application.

Overwhelming local opinion should be taken into account when considering your decision this is local democracy in action.

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