Local Media Update re Sibelco Objections 16/4724W

  1. Initial grounds for objection from the point of submission of planning application by Sibelco;

Traffic Management and Road Safety – The A50 is a red route already due to the number of accidents and Sibelco’s Traffic Management Plan is lacking in detail and insubstantial, failing to address specific issues such as sheer increase in volume of traffic. Sibelco have now been asked to submit a significantly more robust Traffic Management Plan as a result of the significant number of objections already submitted.

Noise, dust and health implications – There will be noise from the site, as confirmed by Sibelco themselves. There will also be dust created – both facts acknowledged in the planning application. Medical research into Silica Sand Dust remains inconclusive. What risk are we allowing local residents, their children and grandchildren to be subjected to in the future with ‘inconclusive’ results? We can only reflect on history when the physical effects of asbestos were deemed ‘inconclusive’. Cheshire East’s own Public Health Department have submitted an interim objection already on the grounds of health concerns as have Friends of the Earth.

Community Benefit – There are no benefits to the community identified by any party involved.

Land ownership – The Sims family remain in dispute with each other in terms of Sibelco’s authority to physically undertake quarrying within the land in question, and legal action is ongoing outside of the planning process.

  1. Further objections now that the planning process has been challenged;

Aspects of the initial planning application have now been identified as unlawful. Cheshire West are not and have never been legally entitled to delegate the decision making to Cheshire East and as a result Sibelco must now re-submit an application to Cheshire West with Cheshire East extending the deadline for further objection to the original application to 22nd March 2017.

The Secretary of State is now involved and can provide guidance to both Council’s after we asked for the original planning application to be “called in” due to the unlawful aspects of the delegation decision.

Will the process now be more transparent as a result? It certainly needs to be. What confidence do we now have in the overall process? The wrongdoing only came to light with the support of legal specialists who examined the application at our request.

The entire scenario is now a shambles, with Cheshire West objections sitting on the Cheshire East website, as per original instruction, and both Council’s now facing the challenge of sharing all of the relevant detail between them, something which is virtually impossible to achieve.

There are a very significant number of balanced, proportionate and reasonable objections submitted to date. Goostrey and Allostock Parish Council’s have objected on the grounds that this is the wish of their own residents. Cranage Parish Council are currently acting against the wishes of the vast majority of their Parishioners which is totally unacceptable.

There is a significant amount of traditional media and social media covering this planning application with the majority concentrating upon the unlawful decisions taken to date and the complete lack of transparency now being addressed by the Secretaty of State. Cranage Parish Council’s ultimate decision not to object will be commented upon not just locally, but will shoulder the focus from national press and their decisions will ultimately be scrutinised in great detail.

Please note that the Cheshire East website states that 22nd December 2016 is the final date for objections to be submitted. Sibelco, however, have been asked to accept a closing date of 22nd March 2017. Objections can continue to be e mailed direct to [email protected] under reference 16/4724W

On behalf of Residents Against Quarrying


Gareth Woods

6 Goostrey Lane