The parish council have formally received a complaint from resident Peter Wild

His complaint is about the way the extra meeting held on the 22nd of October was called and conducted in that it did not comply with the local government act, he states that the meeting was not legal as three clear days have to be shown from when an agenda is posted and the meeting being held and not to include those days .this was clearly not done.

The agenda was dated the 19th of October and was not posted on the parish web page till the 20th of October. And therefore the decisions taken at that meeting were illegal and should be rescinded by the council.

The reply from the parish council was they agreed that the timescales referred to i.e. the three days is correct but say they posted a notice of the agenda on the 18th of October in the needham drive notice board therefore the meeting was legal, they admit that the web page was not posted till the 20th but will endeavor to do better in the future.

Mr Wild having sought advice both from Cheshire east and legal experts has now referred it to the local government ombudsman.

He also has drawn attention to the fact that at the 22nd October meeting two Councillors were in effect denied a chance to vote on the decision taken.

He also drew attention to the matter in the public forum time at the meeting of the 29th November but did not receive any answer.

Despite a number of requests to reconvene the 22nd October meeting and given every opportunity to do so they have refused.

To the outside observer it looks like one of two things either sheer incompetence in not observing the local government act in that all five of the parish notice boards should have been updated along with the web page, or a deliberate course of action designed to ensure that any resident opposed to the sand quarry along with Councillors who have voiced objections were silenced.

Mr Wild states that due to the way this meeting was held and the decision not to object to the sand quarry is deplorable. Its every residents right to have a say in parish meetings and whilst I might not agree with what some might say I will defend their right to have the opportunity to speak, its this that I find so offensive, and that they were denied the opportunity.

This quarry application is so huge in size and will cause in my view so much disruption for over ten years  the parish council should have letter dropped to every residents home the details and asked for views before making any judgment, I understand more than one Councillor requested this action but was ignored,

Over 300 letters of objection have been lodged at Cheshire east on this matter perhaps shows the strength of feeling yet parts of our parish council seem to ignore residents views, and seem so out of touch with this and other local issues its quite alarming.

To state that one notice board was updated (and that’s not proven) is unbelievable when they have five boards one just recently replaced, all solely for the councils use, that the web page the main source of information was not updated till the 20th and we will endeavor to do better in the future they stated in the reply is mind blowing.

Then they wonder why there are calls for the council to be disbanded, I for one would rather the twelve thousand pounds they cost us as rate payers be put towards social care by Cheshire East rather than wasted by this incompetent council.

Even though the closing date for objections has passed on Cheshire easts web page the planners have stated they will still take account of any that are sent in after the date shown up to before the day of the scheduled meeting by the council.

You can place your views on the proposal here