Dominique Maddon was co-opted to the parish council; no other resident put their name forward

Councillor Mackensie raised an issue regarding this and produced a letter that Dominique had sent to the parish council in 2011 over the playing fields, and wanted to know what her views were,  she abstained to vote on the  co-option

Councillor Hurst said she was concerned that too many councillors were from the Middlewich road area and voted against the co-option.


Every councillor is entitled to their views on any issue,but they must also take note of residents views and wishes,  as to where they live in the area that has no bearing on anything what so ever, the actions of these two councillors perhaps highlights the fact that they do not want any other view other than their own to succeed.

The land on Middlewich road was again on the agenda an update was given by councillor J Halstead on where the council were at regarding a deed of trust to ensure the land is protected from development,

He stated that he had spoken to a solicitor regarding the formation of this document and received a verbal quote of £2000 for this work, he thought that was expensive and that he had approached another solicitor but had not received a quotation yet.


We hope that this course of action is pursued with some vigour and that this matter can be laid to rest.

The minutes say that they have resolved not to sell the land whilst planning for houses exists on it, this we understand runs out in March this year, so it gives rise to a question on whether they intend to sell it after this time.


The damage to railings on the A50 was discussed and they seem to be in something of a quandary about who is responsible for the repair, it is apparent that the parish council own the fence and that they need to pursue the insured parties ASAP. The longer this goes on the less likely that the insured parties will consider a claim.

Drainage to the football pitches was also discussed and it was agreed to contribute up to £500 towards Cheshire easts cost to provide some drainage to one pitch

The next meeting is at the village hall on March 18th at 7-30.

April 15th is the annual parish meeting at the village hall again at 7-30.