M6 Noise & Pollution

air pollution Read why the highways agency should be erecting barriers to reduce the noise & Pollution to protect your health in Cranage Cheshire

Cranage & Goostrey Quarry

For everything that is related to the Silica Sand Extraction of the proposed Sibelco Quarry

Fiona Bruce MP

fionaIf you want to make your thoughts known on the M6 Pollution then write to Fiona Bruce MP and let her know your concerns, if you don’t who will? Fiona Bruce MP, House of Commons, Westminster, London, SW1A 0AA,


Cheshire West Planning Meeting re the SIBELCO QUARRY

The Latest Cranage Parish Chronicle News

M6 Residents’ Action Group Update

Dear resident, This letter is to keep you informed of the work of the Residents’ Action Group on M6 motorway noise nuisance/pollution and to give you the results of the survey that we undertook last month on how residents are affected by noise and pollution. A big...

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Latest On M6 in Cranage

This week a letter was received from Fiona Bruce MP by Peter Wild who is one of the committee members of the residents action group recently formed with a parish council and Cheshire east council member and other residents. It was to inform him that she had sent his...

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M6 formation of a residents action group

On the 19th of October 2017 cranage parish council agreed to be represented on the local residents group that was to be established to take forward residents’ concerns over the noise and pollution emanating from the M6. Those involved are Andrew Kolker Cheshire East...

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Extraordinary meeting called by Cranage parish council

On the 4th of November at Holmes chapel community centre at 10 am in the academy suite public and press invited and will get the chance to speak at the beginning of the meeting on the agenda To discuss who will represent the council to speak at the Cheshire east...

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Parish council meeting of the 19th September 2017

Further developments took place over the noise levels from the M6 and pollution in general  in Cranage. Having received requests from several residents The council agreed to form a committee with residents who had attended to take the matter forward, and to look at...

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Right Fence Wrong Place

We received this from local cranage resident Mr peter wild Please find attached printed below a letter sent to me from Fiona Bruce MP who has been actively involved with ministers in London over the noise levels etc from the M6. I also enclose my response to her and...

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Fracking Looms Large In Cheshire East

Is it a coincidence that INEOS are finalising their plans to undertake fracking between Goostrey and Altrincham just as Sibelco UK have submitted their planning applications for the silica sand quarry at Rudheath Lodge Farm?   It is a well known fact that silica sand...

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Cranage Parish Council Meeting

Last Tuesday  at the parish council meeting they  discussed  the sebelco application although it wasn’t on the original agenda posted on the web page,  only a handful of residents attended who obviously were there to voice their objection to the parish councils...

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