Dear Sir

M6 smart motorway

I write to inform you of the number of residents of Cheshire east, in the cranage and Holmes chapel area that are suffering from continuous noise levels above the recommended maximum laid down by several bodies, (WHO, European Union. Defra etc.)Who state anything above 55 decibels is harming to health and can cause high blood pressure and heart attacks along with shortened life expectancy, all of this is clearly shown in various documents from eminent sources. Also there is the serious question about the pollution from the M6 especially the cancer causing particulates and the particulates known as m10.

Oak tree lane cranage is listed on Cheshire easts web site as a AQMA for some of the elements of concern, but no recordings have been taken for m10 particulates, during meetings with the Highways England managers it was stated by them that the pollution aspect was not their problem at it was up to Cheshire east to deal with. This seems at odds with what is stated in Cheshire easts documentation, local air quality monitoring July 2011 which indicates that highways England are responsible, but it also states that Cheshire east should be involved with the implementation of a solution. Solutions are available and have been implemented in Europe at various locations, and the attached is a document regarding the M40 in England which is incorporating the latest solar panel technology.

The fact that the highways are already very far on with the implementation of the M6 scheme and expect to start on site this August/September is of major concern, when they have not held any meetings with Cheshire east to address the noise and pollution matters,

We have brought this all to the attention of councillors Les Gilbert and Andrew Kolker ,councillor Gilbert has we understand contacted various department heads at Cheshire east.

The very real concern is that Highways England are paying lip service only to residents concerned,

There documentation says what they intend will not make any notable increase in noise levels but it ignores the fact that levels are too high now.

They stated that they knew nothing about the solutions for noise and pollution that have been already established both here and in Europe.

They knew nothing about the fact that the highways are at this time, a five week contract at night, resurfacing again with low noise tarmac from junction 18 to Northwich road and said it would have to be re-laid again.

They have used computer modelling in the main for noise prediction levels rather than actual levels taken at various locations along with wind speeds and weather.

After meeting residents on site they have gone away to consider what residents have said, but are not committed to a solution.

I am sure you can see why residents don’t have much reassurance that Highways England will do anything to resolve this situation.

Defra’s environmental noise directive implementation of round 1 noise action plans: progress report. Makes startling reading on page 10 it says the estimated cost to England alone is 7-10 billons due to exposure to road traffic noise, the cost in terms of life expectancy is 1 to 1.6 million lives shortened due to noise.

We ask that you use your influence to pursue a solution to this serious problem. The health and wellbeing of residents and their children and indeed grandchildren is in my view paramount.

You can find further information and documents from the EU, WHO, Defra and Hansard on cranage parish chronicle web pages.

Page 10 of noise-action-plan-progress-report-201401.pdf

M40 report

Draft Roads Noise Action Plan

cheshire east polution document cec aqap final july 2011


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