Dear Resident

Please attend the next Cranage Parish Council meeting on Tuesday January 10th at 7.30pm at the Cranage Village Hall.

Over 80 residents attended the last meeting, and expressed their views and concerns in regards to the Parish Council failing to formally object to the Sibelco silica sand quarry application on the land between Goostrey Lane, New Platt Lane and the A50.

Since the previous meeting Cranage Parish Council have:

• Failed to record the minutes highlighting the concerns raised by residents

• Failed to address any of the issues raised by residents

• Failed to agree to review their lack of objection, despite multiple requests to do so

• Failed to consider or support residents views unlike neighbouring Parish Councils

It is crucial that residents attend the next meeting in order to challenge Cranage Parish Council’s current stance in relation to the Sibelco planning application. Over 300 local objections have already been registered with Cheshire East Planning Department under planning reference 16/4724W.

The key issues at stake for the community, based on feedback and sentiment collected locally and reflective of the objections submitted so far, are as follows,

1.    There is no community benefit whatsoever within Sibelco’s planning proposal.

2.    The A50 is a red route already due to the very high numbers of collisions and incidents and cannot sustain the increase in traffic volume of 100 trucks per day.

3.    128 acres of prime agricultural land will be eradicated forever.

 4.    Noise, dust and significant traffic increases are acknowledged by Sibelco as being an issue.

 5.    Any lake that replaces the land in 14 years’ time will not be visible or  accessible to local residents.

This leaflet has been prepared on behalf of “Residents Against Quarrying” a local group currently co-ordinating local planning objections and answering local queries or concerns.

Please feel free to make contact via [email protected]