M6 update
Have you been kept awake at night this week, week commencing Monday 14th march

Due to the fact that the highways contractors carillion kier worked through the night installing large metal boxes to form a protection barrier along the fast lane on the north side.

These were obviously dropped from waggons and bang up to the adjacent box, one resident said it was like being in a war zone, several got up and sat in the lounges to find it was just as bad.

Try ringing the contractors on 01543 456050 to complain,  don’t bother the number is permanently unavailable!  (You could tweet them though at @Carillionplc and @kiergroup as you tend to get more results these days with tweets) the same for Kate Bernie highways England 01216874142 this is permanently engaged .

So despite them saying they will take steps to minimise disruption at night they have not installed temporary noise barriers as they said they would and have not instructed the workers to minimise the noise near residents.

The numbers to ring to complain on don’t work so much for caring about residents

We have informed Phil Mason at Cheshire east as this is a breach of regulations and we will inform Heather Grimbaldeston director of public health at Cheshire East.

If you have been affected then contact them and leave comments on the cranage parish chronicle website.
Heather Grimbaldeston [email protected]
Phil Mason [email protected]