Good news residents of Cranage, as we have been saying there are solutions and probably costing less than one of those Brimstone missiles that are being fired at a 100k a pop at Syria, Austerity is a useful word!

We found the following information on who are an American based company, we make and sell Gabions in the UK so it’s not like we have to ship them from America with the rocks included, we just need the noise blocker system in the centre 🙂

NOISE BLOCKER WALL SYSTEM is the exclusive noise blocking gabion wall system offered by GABION SUPPLY. This innovation couples DURA-WELD™ gabion walls with advanced noise absorbing technologies that produce an asthetically pleasing look and a quieter environment. Gabion modules filled with indigenous rocks offer a natural landscape affect along with the NOISE BLOCKER WALL SYSTEM wall panels imbedded in the rock filled gabions and reflects irritating noise from permiating through the wall.

The components of the NOISE BLOCKER WALL SYSTEM are delivered to the job site flat on wooden pallets and can be installed quickly with unskilled labor and supervision.


1. Early in the planning stages, consult with your local DOT or a competent contractor to perform a noise evaluation

2. Construct the wall as tall as possible to stop highway noise from escaping over the top of the wall

3. Fill the wall as dense as possible to limit road noise from passing through the wall

4. Leave no gaps or holes in or under the wall that might allow road noise to pass through

5. Have an irregular surface to diffuse and reduce the sound when it hits the wall

6. Construct the wall wide enough to limit traffic noise from coming around the sides
noise wall







So what do you think, useful solution or load or are we off our rocks?  Please leave feedback below