A great emphasize has been placed on the need for low cost housing in Cranage by Cheshire East Council. The Council base these figures on the number of people who have ticked a box on their web site as the preferred place to live, but this does not mean they live in or are the relatives of residents of cranage which is the criteria that has to be applied.

When Big Stone Gardens were built it became clear that there weren’t sufficient applicants for the properties from the parish of Cranage and it was opened up in the end to the whole of the then Borough of Congleton.

This has happened in other parishes so it makes the councils figures a work of fiction; a view shared by a number of Cheshire East’s councillors.

The council do not have a complete and up to date record of the number of properties already controlled by housing associations or registered social housing providers .nor do they take into account that these already have a turnover of occupants.
Listed below is not a complete list but it shows the councils figures to be completely flawed.

Dane Housing along with other approved providers already have properties listed as shown below.

Cranage has 36, 16 of which are on the Needham Drive estate, 10 at Bigstone Gardens and 10 spread over Carver Avenue, Goostrey Lane and Middlewich Road: 3 others have just been approved opposite Needham Drive

Add to this in Holmes Chapel rural; Goostrey 33, Twemlow 3, plus 13 under construction.
This totals 88 affordable homes.

You are no doubt aware of the substantial amount in the region of 90 approved for Homes Chapel and construction has already started, plus 54 already existing in Holmes chapel
While it is difficult to gauge demand accurately, it is clear from these figures that the locality is well served by affordable housing. It is our conclusion that there is little coordination of supply and demand therefore it would be all too easy to saturate a given area with affordable housing: this appears to be already happening in Holmes Chapel rural. No more should be built until demand is proven.

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