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The m6 has been part of our lives for many years and each year it gets busier and busier, the noise levels have increased year on year and so have the pollution levels. We have waited over twenty years for a proposal to go forward with the expectation that the proposal would enhance the m6 and address the problems that have multiplied over the last two decades.

What is proposed by highways England is to use the hard shoulder to in effect make it four lanes in each direction. With a continuous concrete central barrier, along with a low noise surface to the carriageway, they also include a small amount of planting shrubs and trees to the grass verges. And a minuscule amount of noise barrier.

Using their own calculations there are 49 million vehicles per year use the existing m6.

So the increase in traffic numbers could be 33{41d8691ba718a018d53949c5ba603eea82bf50655d76ebb1e68f94519c671f35} more taking it up to 65millon users per year. So more noise more pollution.

The noise levels are in the main coming from the south west and are very high when the road surface is wet, the EU directive states levels above 55decibels cause annoyance, sleep disturbance and cardiovascular effects.

Several residents have been taking readings with phone app. I myself have borrowed a decibel meter from a professional sound engineer,when matched with the app they were found to be very accurate, levels obtained vary from day to day, what could be said is a good day  IE low noise is dry conditions no wind, and the reading is 65 to 70 decibels constant.

We have taken readings with the decibel meter at various times and the existing levels are a cause for alarm, peak levels going in excess of 85 decibels as a continuous reading. The regular level is between 65 and 75 decibels and is a constant noise. Day and night.

The low noise road surface they propose as a solution is already applied on this stretch of motorway and is due for replacement in 2017/2018 this was confirmed by one of the departments via an e-mail to me some weeks ago before we knew about the proposed widening, so how will that make any impact.

The EU commission in conjunction with the world health organisation in 2009 -2010 state that night noise above 40 decibels can suffer mild health effects like sleep disturbance and insomnia .above 55db long term average exposure, similar to the din of a normal conversation can trigger elevated blood pressure and heart attacks.  The targets that are set down by the EU are not being met by this alteration to the m6.

Regarding the pollution aspect

The number one cause for premature deaths in the EU is poor air quality. The m6 is a major polluter of both nitrogen oxides and dust particles both from tyres and the road surface and exhausts all known as m10 particulates.

M10 particles are less than 1 hundredth of a millimetre; larger particles are filtered out by nasal air assuming you keep your mouth shut.

The dust originates from tyre abrasion, the abrasion of brake linings the grinding action on the road surface and the worst from diesel exhausts, which emit nitrogen oxides or NOx, these m10 particles pass into the lungs and can cause lung cancer and other types of cancer, along with other associated breathing problems like asthma.

Think of it like smoke from a bonfire only you can’t see it or smell it, it can spread over a wide area in windy conditions,

Think of this a vehicle tyre say lasts about 70 thousand miles from new to worn out, say you just take cars as an example so four tyres. They say about 132 thousand vehicles per day use the m6 let’s say 140 thousand. That means the equivalent for every mile 8 tyres and worn away each day 365 days a year that’s 2920 tyres all of that fine rubber dust is dumped on us. Heavy goods vehicles obviously use more tyres.

There are solutions available which have been developed using several million euros of EU funding, trials have been held in Austria that prove the technology does work.

This was carried out in 2008 with installations in several areas.

The system works as can best be described as a semi solid mesh fence that reduces the noise level and captures the dust at micron levels that reduces the pollution, the noise level was seen to be reduced by 8 decibels.

The m6 document for the proposal refers to the fact that there is a pollution problem centred around this stretch of motor way adjacent to the middlewich road crossing but they don’t offer a solution.

Or indeed intend to do anything about it.The 213 page document produced by the highways England refers to pollution at various locations, oak tree lane and Northwich road are two examples listed, and they are in excess of the world health organization recommended levels.

Cheshire easts contribution to the document requested that focus be placed on ecological aspects, including white clawed cray fish, great crested newts, and kingfishers. Aquatic invertebrate’s with particular regard to mud snail and lesser diving beetle. Not a thing about humans but hey we only pay their wages.   

All this information can be found and is backed up from documents on the European commission web site and the directives they have issued, the world health organization, sound a particle absorbing system report. And Hansard the government’s own publication.

I have listed the web page links below

Now what can we do?

First write to
Julian Gill MP smp  project support scheme
Highways England
The Cube 199
wharfside street
B1 1RN

Voice your concerns on noise and pollution and ask why they are not implementing the EU directives. And not carrying out an environmental impact assessment

Write to Kate Beirne to make the same comments on why they are not carrying out an environmental impact assessment.

Kate Beirne
Highways England
The Cube 199
wharfside street
B1 1RN

Letters to be in by the 15th july or

e-mail to [email protected]

And remember ask them for detailed replies and you expect to hear back from them in 7 working days, if you don’t then email them write to them again

It’s worth noting that the comments have to be in before the 15th july  when the first public display is on the 22nd july read into that what you will.

Attached to this statement are the links to the web pages used for research and the official documents and e-mails from highways England.

Can I just add I personally am disgusted that no recognition of a very serious health problem is being looked at by the people we residents expect to safeguard our lives. They can do something about this if we all make sure we complain.

Please look at the web pages and links and see for yourself especially the highways England full document that in parts states (options do nothing or do something)

The opportunity by highways England to ensure the well being of all of us is in danger of being missed, thank you.

Now is the time to act for your health and future generations!

Also contact the MP’s for the area

George Osbourne details ( nice to tweet him)

Fiona Bruce details

Important documents to read or download

EU LIFE Environment Project SPAS

Fine Dust Particles

Noise Protection wall with integrated filter baskets in Viktring

Sound and Particle Absorbing System

Eurpean Commision

Clean Air

Traffic Hot Spots

Health effects of Noise

World Health Organisation

Outdoor Air Pollution A leading Environmental cause of Cancer Deaths

Outdoor Air Quality and Health

Highways Correspondence

M6 email reply


Notice of Determintaion


M6 Smart Motorway Highways Leaflet


House of Commons Road traffic noise


Noise Mitigation Response


Project Solar Highways

A few trees

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