M6   Noise

M6   Noise

M6 Noise

The M6 is to become a smart motorway

This means that the hard shoulder will become part of the carriageway, this work it seems will start this august but residents are only now becoming aware of this. A great many residents are affected by the high levels of constant noise, and this one would think is a great opportunity for the highways agency to address this problem. But they are putting virtually no sound barriers in place. And saying that by putting a noise reducing coating on the surface it will make a difference. Well we already have that surface applied on this section of the M6 and it didn’t work. Over the last twenty years the noise level has increased year on year, it is our right to have this noise level reduced which can be achieved by the installation of noise barriers.

What can residents do?

Go to the presentations and demand that noise barriers are put in place from junction 18 to beyond Knutsford

Presentations to be held

Wednesday 22 July
Sandbach town hall
High street
CW11 1AX
from 2pm till 8pm.

Saturday 25th July
Middlewich town hall
Victoria buildings
lewin street
CW10 9AS
from 9.30am till 4pm.

Send letters to the highways project manager Kate Beirne
10th floor the cube
199 Wharfside street
B1 1RN

Send your MP letters, George Osbourne and Fiona Bruce cover this stretch of the M6.

You can email via the following links

[email protected]

[email protected]

or Tweet them


And it looks like Fiona is the only MP not on twitter, does that make her the best or just unique?

Ask that the highways do more about the noise levels and not just play lip service to the problem after all more lanes mean more faster moving traffic hence more noise.

Tell your friends and neighbours to get involved and write a complaint about the noise.

More information will be posted on the Cranage parish chronicle web page as it becomes available.  Until then please follow us on twitter and like our facebook message so that you help spread the word and stay in touch, thanks