We had a very productive meeting yesterday the 13th july with the representatives from Tilon the fence manufacturing company that Highways England gave the details of after the previous meeting.

The picture shows a small sample of the noise reducing fence that they produce, it’s all made in south wales from reclaimed plastic waste.
They said that they could take the waste that Cheshire east collect and re use it.

This type of fencing is being used all over the country on road projects and as been shown to reduce the noise levels dramatically, in some cases by more than 20 decibels It’s being used extensively on parts of the M40 and they are going to send the contact details of those involved there to give us guidance on how they got the councils and the wider community involved.

They supplied some samples of the panels for colour choices which I have if anyone wants to see them.

The fence once installed requires no maintenance at all, its life span is indefinite, and the installation is very simple, The product is CE certified they are the only company that has this at present and it complies with all the regulations required by highways.

Cost is obviously going to be an important factor more details on that will be available shortly.

They also showed us a fence with solar panels fitted to the top that produces income for those involved ie the councils or if it was installed on private land not highways the land owner would benefit and could pay for the fence cost in time and then continue to produce an income.

What is first required is an independent professional noise survey taken in real time, not a table top computer model that highways rely on, perhaps this is something that we can ask the parish council to organise and pay for.

Those in attendance

councillor Andrew Kolker
parish councillor Mike Hodge
resident Inam Choudhry
resident Andrew Barwell
resident Peter Wild
resident Joan Wild
Tilon business development manager Mike Isaacs Tilon director Chris King