M6 Smart Motorway Extension

(AKA automated money collecting machine)

First of all the residents are not against the M6 Smart Motorway Extension what they would like to achieve is that the pollution that is coming from the motorway in noise and air quality exceeding European Union Safety levels and world health organisations recommendations are addressed at the time of the new construction.


Latest M6 Developments below

Fiona Bruce & Highways!

Today we have received an update from Fiona Bruce MP in relation to highways and the work being done by Jim and his team, we believe Jim is a drummer in a spare time but waiting for confirmation. Anyway you can see Fiona's letter FIONABRUCE19042016 And our reply below...

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Cranage meeting over noise & Pollution

You will have now received the latest parish council newsletter that invites all residents to attend the annual parish meeting on the 19th of April  at 7.30 pm in the Cranage village hall. The guest speaker will be Mr Phil Mason senior enforcement officer...

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Letters from highways to Fiona Bruce

This was received by Fiona Bruce mp and forwarded to us M6 Junctlon 15 - 19 Cranage Katie Beirne Project Manager The Cube 199 Wharfside Street Birmingham 81 l RN 1dh March 2018 Firstly, I would like to apologise for the delay in responding to your letter, sent by...

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Noisy Nights with the M6

M6 update Have you been kept awake at night this week, week commencing Monday 14th march Due to the fact that the highways contractors carillion kier worked through the night installing large metal boxes to form a protection barrier along the fast lane on the north...

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BBC Radio Manchester Interview

You may have missed it or you may have heard it and want to hear it again but for those who did not know we got interviewed by BBC Radio Manchester, quite a long interview on the day and sadly a lot was cut on the broadcast but that's what happens with the media. Also...

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