Below is the letter sent to Fiona Bruce MP to update her on the meeting at the cranage village hall.

Hi Fiona
date 3 December 2015

The meeting last Tuesday night at the village hall was interesting to say the least, more than fifty residents turned out to hear what Kate Bernie had to say, and she turned up with what turned out to be her boss Lorraine butler.

Along with a Julian Wilson from carillon kier the contractors for the work, a Michael Robinson from Jacobs along with two other people.

The meeting got quite heated at times due in the main to the fact that they insist that they are not making things any worse by this upgrade.
It was pointed out to them that they rely on table top computer predictions not real life readings. I stated the readings I had taken over the last 14 days show levels up to 72 decibels.

I also pointed out to Lorraine butler that her letter to me was misleading in that she referred to particulate receptors and the reading being not significant when in fact no particulate receptors are listed in Cheshire  east, and  the Defra report dated November 2015 ,which gives the nearest one to be in Piccadilly Manchester. She declined to respond further to that.

What we got from them is that the design brief is only to look to what is proposed over what is existing, not at the bad situation that already exists,

Jacobs man tried unsuccessfully to say the pollution aspect was not above safe levels he was quoting a level of 10, when it was pointed out the Defra latest documents states 15 and the WHO state there is no minimum safe level , his only answer was that it wasn’t in there design brief to look at this.

Residents asked why they were not looking for solutions to both the noise and pollution aspect

Again they hid behind the design brief and unless Defra or the minister for transport or a government minister for health tell them to they have no intention to do anything,

one resident who had previously been promised a visit by kate from Jacobs which was some months later withdrawn by kate asked are you going to do anything about the noise levels and kate replied no we are not.
She then went on dispute my projection about the traffic likely to be generated by this upgrade and said it would only make sure the traffic flowed and not increase the total amount significantly. I pointed out that the M6 when it was first built was not intended to carry the amount it now does and said I predict in 5 years’ time you will be looking again at the traffic flow and considering an extra lane.

I asked did they know about NPL (national physics laboratory) and that they have some very complicated maths for noise but a very simply web page for idiots like me just to fill in numbers, and that a 6 meter high fence close to source gives a 35 decibel reduction at 200 meters away, the only comment was from Jacobs, he said he didn’t think 6 meters was tall enough.

I suggested that they install a 6 Mt high gabion wall of sufficient length that would reduce the noise level. The man from Carillion said that wasn’t possible has they would have to build it 10 meters wide at the base, having in my career used gabions for some projects for both the rivers authority and what was the water board now united utilities. I forcefully disputed this statement.
today I contacted a major manufacturer of gabions and asked them via e-mail  to state what size base is required for a noise wall 6 mts high the reply confirmed that a maximum of 3 meters is only required, which there is enough land inside the curtilage of the motor way to do.

They said also that they had to ensure that taxpayers’ money was used to best advantage for all tax payers not just for us.
I asked had they heard of client earth lawyers some had some hadn’t I then read out the case law statement that I think I sent you previously that client earth had sent to me. No response was made or attempted.

I said the science is overwhelming on both the noise and pollution and yet you still insist it’s not your problem.
What’s obvious is they hide behind government decision makers – but government are quoting highways England findings back to us – so who is actually making the decision??

A number of residents approached me after the meeting to ask why weren’t you present and I told them that you couldn’t attend due to commitments in parliament especially as the Syrian crisis was important, this was duly excepted.

Equally several wanted someone from government to come and explain why there health was being put at risk.

I have received e-mails today asking what happened to the meeting with yourself and Kate beirne along with me. I have replied that it didn’t happen due to time constraints, if you think it would be productive I would willingly attend, also several want me to ask if it was possible to get someone from government to a meeting with highways and Cheshire east and yourself if that has any merit, I seem to be pushed into representing residents due to the amount of research I have done etc , and I am quite happy to do that, and would invite any other residents that wanted or could attend .

I would like to reiterate the statement made before that residents are not against the upgrade to the M6 but they do want positive action on the noise and pollution.

I must say I am being overwhelmed by e-mails 15 to 20 per day from all over the UK and Europe and America about pollution and noise levels dangerous to health. Many are coming from university sources and are the results of studies etc.

I have read the e-mail from les gilbert and agree with its contents.

I await your comments and suggestions.

Best regards



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