Further to the recent report that was published recently about the meeting held by highways and cranage parish council members.

We have requested Fiona Bruce to lobby the minister responsible again on residents behalf, which she agreed to do.

Recently we contacted both Cheshire west and Stockport MBC to ask what equipment they have that monitors for pollution, Cheshire west refused to divulge if they have any equipment, Stockport MBC were very helpful and confirmed they have three fixed monitoring points with equipment that monitors for NOX gas and M10 particulates.

The fact that Cheshire east has no equipment to test for m10 particulates and it seems no intension to purchase and install such equipment is very concerning.

The world health authority state that pollution is the biggest killer worldwide and reduces life expectancies by several years, along with numerous cancers directly linked to particulate matter,

Base line studies need to be done along the M6 corridor to establish what the levels are. Highways absolve themselves from this and place the burden directly at the door of Cheshire east.

A course of action needs to be established on this matter with urgency.

Here is a link to one of the many manufacturers of equipment Aeroqual