We have just had this email correspondence that Julie Mason has received from Kate Beirne the project manager at the highways department has sent her, copy below

Hi julie

This seems to be a more positive note from highways than some of the correspondence received by individual residents, albeit at the eleventh hour, the noise maps that are referred to should have been in place in the first instance, I hope they will have these available for the exhibitions, and I do hope that they are not based on table top computer model information. We know of one resident on byley lane that suffers severely from the noise, that agreed to them installing monitoring equipment but then they never turned up to do it.in the past I had a noise level shown to be taken in the middle of my land and when I challenged the highways people at a public meeting on when they had entered my land I was told it was generated by a computer not by any reference to actual levels experienced or taken.

So given that experience forgive me for doubting levels quoted that are not backed up with properly taken levels at specific points, and include wind direction and speeds and weather conditions..

I note the comment to attend further meetings with the residents and I am sure the residents would welcome that opportunity,
Perhaps the parish council should organise such a meeting with any residents that live on needham drive, armisted way, byley lane, middlewhich road, oak tree lane, kings lane and Northwich road or indeed with holmes chapel parish council a joint area meeting, they too have residents affected by the noise.

Include Cheshire east councillors one of which attended the recent residents meeting we held as did a representative from Holmes chapel parish council who have been very helpful.by the way the noise level taken by a resident 5 minutes before the meeting started gave a 91 decibel reading.
Even though the date has been moved its still imperative that a challenge is made by the parish council ,Defra state that it is mandatory to implement an impact assessment to determine the effect on residents and this should not be overturned by a minister, what are they frightened of. It’s just normal procedure so everyone gets a fair hearing.
I note nothing is mentioned about the pollution levels and the hot spots that are referred to in the documentation 213 pages.
I look forward to the exhibitions and will be looking in detail as will others at what they now propose to do about the noise and pollution, doing nothing is not an option nor is taking the view that what they propose will not significantly increase the noise level that exists, what residents are saying is the levels have increased year on year and now is the opportunity to correct that situation.

I will have the information posted on the chronicle web page today, even though a great many have already written to object to there being no assessment being carried out.


Peter wild

Dear All,

This is an update I have received today from highways –

Hello Julie,

We spoke earlier, and I thought it would also be helpful to put something in writing to you.

I am happy to confirm that we are extending the challenge date for the environmental notice of determination to July 31st, as we agreed last week. There will be something to that effect on our website shortly.

We are also consulting on the variable mandatory speed limit – this enables the enforcement of speeds lower than national speed limit when traffic flow demands it; road users may currently see reduced limits signed when conditions require it (e.g when there’s an accident, or particularly poor weather) but these are advisory, and not enforceable without the ‘red ring’. The deadline for responses to consultation on this element remains 9th August.

I note from the information given that there are some residents that have been inadvertently missed from our distribution list, for which I apologise. Please ask them to get in touch with the team at [email protected] so that we can update them and include them in the future.

I would also like to encourage local residents to attend our public exhibitions if at all possible. It’s an opportunity to meet the team, review the drawings, ask questions, try the simulator… I have also asked our designers to prepare ‘noise maps’ that show the impact the scheme may have on different locations, with mitigation in place where appropriate. Hopefully we will be able to allay their concerns then, but I would be happy to attend further meetings if that would be helpful.

I would like to reassure you that we have undertaken extensive environmental assessment work, and that we have included mitigation where it will be beneficial. If there are further measures that we can take to minimise the impact on local people, we will consider those fully for inclusion in the scheme.

Kind Regards


Kate Beirne, Project Manager
Highways England | The Cube | 199 Wharfside Street | Birmingham | B1 1RN
Web: http://www.highways.gov.uk


Julie Mason

Clerk of
Hulme Walfield and Somerford Booths,
Twemlow Parish Councils