On the 19th of October 2017 cranage parish council agreed to be represented on the local residents group that was to be established to take forward residents’ concerns over the noise and pollution emanating from the M6.

Those involved are

Andrew Kolker Cheshire East Councillor for Cranage.
Mike Hodge Cranage Parish Councillor .
Stuart Jackson
Inam Choudhry
Peter wild

The residents group met on the 13th of October with Ms Miller of Miller Goodall a specialist company who have expertise in surveying for and producing plans to mitigate noise.
They were informed that the best way forward was to make a freedom of information request to highways England to release data and associated documents that was used to formulate the details over noise mitigation or lack of for Cranage, Miller Goodall had been unable to access this data via normal means ,and would prepare a quotation for them to formulate the wording and scope of the documents required regarding a freedom of information request and suggested this was then implemented by the parish council to make such a request.
The group subsequently received a quotation from Miller Goodall which indicated an initial cost of £1440.00 to do this work.
There would be further work required that would cost £2000.00.when information is received from the FOI request.
The group will subsequently be looking for financial support from Cheshire east or the parish council in regards to this to take this matter forward.

If anyone feels they have concerns they would like to draw to the attention of the group, or would like to be more involved then please contact Peter Wild in the first instance via the contact page