The annual parish meeting is on Friday the 27th of April in the village hall at Cranage at 7.30

All residents are welcome to come along and ask any questions they like over what the council are doing or not doing and ask why.
Residents can raise their concerns over any matter they wish.

This is your opportunity to have your say.

The chronicle received this from a resident of Cranage today

I would like to know why the PC did not organise the recent noise and pollution survey and left it to a group of residents to carry it out.
And well done to those involved.

Why they failed to fund in full the request from residents to engage a specialist to investigate the noise and pollution and leave it up to residents to find the money.

Why they feel there is the need to increase our contribution via the local rates by 67% yet at the same time have over £60.000 sat in the bank.

Why in their business plan they intend to do something about the lack of a footpath along parts of the A50 a route I use often, yet have in less than a year since publishing this abandon any effort to carry it out.

What useful purpose does this parish council perform other than being a drain on our hard earned money for no benefit to the people of Cranage?

Robert Raven
Resident of cranage