This was received by Fiona Bruce mp and forwarded to us

M6 Junctlon 15 – 19 Cranage
Katie Beirne
Project Manager The Cube
199 Wharfside Street Birmingham 81 l RN
1dh March 2018

Firstly, I would like to apologise for the delay in responding to your letter, sent by email, 6th February. first became aware of it on 1sth February when forwarded to me by Fiona Bruce MP, as attached, and noticed a typo in my email address.

The way in which we manage traffic noise issues on the Strategic Road Network (SRN) is driven by the requirements of the Environmental Noise (England) Regulations 2006 via the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra).

These regulations require strategic noise maps and action plans to be undertaken on a five year cycle, with the next one due in 2017.
Defra published ‘Round 1’ strategic noise maps for England’s roads in 2008 and the Noise Action Plans In 2010. The action plans set out guidelines for managing noise rather than proposing specific solutions and the strategic noise maps established the locations of ‘important Areas’ (sometimes refined to as noise’hotspots’) that are impacted from major sources of noise and therefore must be investigated. The SRN is one of these major sources of noise and the ‘important Areas established by Defra represent areas that contain the top 1{41d8691ba718a018d53949c5ba603eea82bf50655d76ebb1e68f94519c671f35} of the population exposed to high noise levels from major roads.

Delra has now completed Round 2 of the Noise Action Plans and these were published on 30th January 2014.
The Road investment Strategy, published in Decernber 2014, includes noise as a key performance indicator (KPl) for Highways England. The KPI requires mitigation to be installed at 1150 important Areas within five years. This is will be achieved through our resurfacing programme, by replacing older noisier road surfaces with newer, quieter surfaces, through our Major Schemes (such as our Smart Motorway Programme and other network improvements), and installation of noise mitigation (typically barriers) as standalone schemes.

We have consulted with our key noise stakeholders on how we should determine which important Areas should be prioritised by our standalone schemes. The stakeholders
that we consulted included Defra, Publlc Health England, The Chartered institute of Environmental Health, The UK Noise Association, The Noise Abatement Society, Environmental Protection UK and Campaign for the Protection of rural England. Feedback from this consultation exercise along with the results of feasibility studies undertaken in house have enabled candidate locations to be identified for noise barrier schemes. A prioritisation process is currently underway to determine which of the candidate barrier schemes will be taken forward through feasibility, design and construction. Please note that issues can arise at any time during this process which means that ultimately, it may not be possible to construct a barrier in a candidate barrier location.

Following feedback from local residents in Cranage, we are undertaking a further review of the previously proposed noise mltigation to establish if we are able to offer further mitigation in your local area.

This review is ongoing so I am unable to confirm at this time what it will look like. Once the review is complete, I will ensure residents of Cranage are made aware of any further improvements we have been able to include in the scheme.

The Roads investment Strategy has provided a real opportunity for us to address historical noise issues on the SRN. However, it will not be possible to eliminate or address noise issues at every location in the short to medium term. However, we are investing in research to look at innovative noise mltigatlon measures, which will contribute towards our long term aim of reducing the number of people impacted by noise from the Strategic Road Network by 90{41d8691ba718a018d53949c5ba603eea82bf50655d76ebb1e68f94519c671f35} by 2040.

You can see the scanned copy here 06-04-16 Response from Highways

This is the reply that has been sent to the above letter

Sent: 07 April 2016 11:21
To:[email protected]
Cc: [email protected]; [email protected]; ‘Mike’
Subject: M6

Dear Fiona

We received your letter dated the 23rd march 2016

I note the attached letter from kate beirne and its contents .this same letter has appeared on my desk sent from several residents who received one.

It basically is saying nothing of any relevance to the problems residents face,

Highways are talking to every man and his dog but not putting anything forward to address the noise levels or the more serious pollution levels. They refer to low noise surface but seem to forget we have had that in place here for several years and it’s been resurfaced several times to no effect.

They have not engaged with residents to see for themselves the noise levels.

The recent night time installation of metal box barriers has contributed to the feeling amongst residents that the contractors have no regard to the residents .


Letters sent out originally to warn residents about the night time possibility of noise not distributed properly even to some properties right next to the M6

Telephone number on the letter not obtainable.

Second letter sent out apologizing for the noise and giving further dates when night time noise likely ,again not distributed properly and reassurances that they would change the method of installation to minimise the noise,

This was obviously not transmitted to the workmen, the noise was just as bad, on both occasions they carried out the work on different dates than in the letters,

When complaints were made to the relevant number the liaison person didn’t even know how many houses where in the vicinity he was asked haven’t you looked at a map. response I will have to look into this.

Residents don’t want something done in five years or by 2040 they want something done now, they have had eight months to address this problem since it was first brought to their attention. no solid proposals put forward, no engagement with residents,

As one gentleman of senior years shall we say said to me, I wouldn’t trust this lot to run a chip shop if they were only employed to batter the fish,

Have you received any thing further from the minister.

Best regards