The following is a copy of a Letter sent to the Kate Beirne at Highways England from Dr Heather Grimbaldeston
Director of Public Health Cheshire East

Kate Beirne – Project Manager
Highways England
The Cube
199 Wharfside Street
B1 1RN

Dear Ms Beirne,

RE: M6 Smart Motorway Implementation between J16 and J19

Last Week Cheshire East Council met with a number of local residents from Cranage, regarding their
concerns about noise and air pollution from the planned Smart M6 Motorway scheme.

The outcome of the meeting, with regards to air quality, was that the Council agreed to undertake
additional diffusion tube monitoring at sensitive locations in the area prior to the Smart Motorway works
commencing. This is in addition to a new monitoring site that was set up earlier this year. Monitoring will
continue whilst the works are being carried out and for a relevant period after the completion of the smart
motorway. The outcome of the monitoring will then be considered in accordance with the Council’s
statutory air quality reporting process.

In relation to the issue of noise, the Council appreciates that the implementation of the Smart Motorway is
supported by an Environmental Assessment Report (EAR), which included baseline noise measurements
from 2013. We are also aware that the EAR outlined some areas where additional noise mitigation should
be provided.

However as Director of Public Health, I share the residents’ concerns regarding the potential health impacts
of the current noise from the motorway, and also the impact of the planned modifications to the M6. At a
meeting in September 2015 with Cheshire East officers, I am aware that Highways England agreed to revisit
the EAR with a view to determining whether any further noise measurement work was appropriate.

The purpose of the measurements being to determine if the current noise levels exceed the criteria set by the
World Health Organisation and other relevant standards. If additional monitoring indicated noise levels
were above the relevant standards, this would, in turn, start a dialogue regarding possible mitigation
measures that might be provided to improve the situation for the residents.

Clearly, it would not be practical to revisit the entire EAR assessment, however the residents have
reasonably requested that some shorter, more limited measurements be undertaken in the Cranage area.
I am not aware that any further monitoring has been undertaken to update the results of 2013 as has
previously been discussed and therefore would like to request that this action be undertaken prior to the
Smart Motorway works commencing.

I would welcome your views on the above. Where any additional noise monitoring has been undertaken in
the Cranage area since 2013, I would appreciate it if these results could be shared with the Council.

Yours Sincerely
Dr Heather Grimbaldeston
Director of Public Health
Cheshire East Council

M6 Smart Motorway Implementation 20160217