Below is the full version of the letter sent to the Knutsford  Guardian

More than thirty residents attended the Cranage parish council meeting at the village hall on September 3rd to hear with some disbelief the chairman J Irlam state that he wanted to still sell the paddock on Middlewich Road (the land is held in trust and administered by the parish council on the residents’ behalf) for affordable housing; this despite the questionnaire sent out to all residents that gave an overwhelming no to the sale of the paddock (212 voted no 37 voted yes).

There were calls from the residents for “a vote of no confidence” and “what is the procedure for removing this parish council?”

Mr Irlam (chairman) was told by more than one resident that to ignore the people was totally arrogant. Another said we the people will not allow you to sell this land but Mr Irlam ignores all the dissent that he creates around him as he ploughs ever onwards  a bit like the Titanic heading towards the iceberg of disaster. He seems to forget that he is there to carry out the wishes of the residents and not to follow his own agenda.

His actions of late have been deplorable. He ignored one of his own councillors who told him that the promise of funds from Cheshire East for development of affordable housing would not go to the parish (it is intended for developers). He then spent more than 10% of this year’s annual precept paying for the application form to be completed; this just a few days before the result of the questionnaire which he ignores. Now it has been proved that not one penny will be received by the parish. Will there be an apology for the waste of money? Don’t hold your breath!

There are a number of parish councillors who keep bringing the development of the paddock back on the agenda; this they can do after six months has elapsed to re-vote on it. Mr Irlam has stated that it will be on November’s agenda again. Despite the fact that at the last vote on this matter it was a no vote to development.  This is the parish council’s opportunity to do right by the community they are supposed to serve by rejecting this development once and for all: if they do not, the parish council (or at least those supporting this discredited scheme) will lose any vestige of respect they may still have.

There is also the matter of one councillor accusing three others of dishonesty this as yet to be elaborated on and details have yet to be put in the public’s domain.

There are a growing number of residents that want some if not all existing parish councillors removed from office; some of those residents are actively looking into the democratic procedure to carry this out.

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