local resident tells it how it is with this email to Cheshire East and UK GOV PLc

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Subject: Junction 16-19 M6 Cranage

Dear All

I write to congratulate you on a job well-done, you all seem to be at odds with the fundamental right of every citizen in our land, to be protected from pollution.  Arguing which pot will pay for this and that, who’s going to pay for the court fines for not abiding by the law, who’s department is it, its not mine, well its not mine, its yours, as a collective public sector. 

I would like to see one of you, whether its highways or the local council, stand up and be counted and leave a legacy for future generations.  I really don’t care if you all want your names plastered over the pollution fencing on the M6 ‘that I did this’, great, at least we will have some protection from the noise.  How much does this cost?  I see from other parts of the M6 that this is being done, are we in a postcode lottery? 

Someone please, wake up and see the future, we seem to be going back to the Victorian age of inner city living, and nor do I want to live in a society that is so short sighted and puts money before peoples welfare. Surely, with the extra revenue from the many speed camera’s that are around and will be around on completion, this is not a lot to ask.

I certainly look forward to one of you making that stance, ‘its better to be a no-one who has done so much for everyone, than a someone who has done so little for no-one’.

Yours sincerely

Local residents

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