We have been made aware that local residents who are still livid at last weeks decision by Cheshire East have started to email Cheshire West the following, so copy and paste and email or post any objections you have to Cheshire West before its to late!

Cheshire West and Chester application number 17/03104/MIN – Sibelco UK, Rudheath Lodge Farm, Cranage, Cheshire – Cross Border Application with Cheshire East.





I object to this cross-border application by Sibelco UK who wish to extract silica sand over a 12-year period at Rudheath Lodge, Cranage, Cheshire and would urge the Local Planning Authority to reject the application for the following material considerations:

Impact Upon Highways Infrastructure – Over 100 lorry movements are planned daily, 6 days per week, for 12 years with traffic entering and exiting the site from the A50 Knutsford Road, a road that was previously identified as a Red Route by Cheshire County Council. The associated air pollution and impact upon the highway network cannot, and must not be underestimated.

A contentious Cheshire East planning hearing held on 4th April 2018 identified the vast majority of the highways concerns raised by Cheshire East residents to be an issue for Cheshire West and Chester to take ownership and responsibility for.

Adverse Effect upon Residential Amenity – Hundreds of objections have been submitted to both Cheshire West and Chester and Cheshire East already. Hundreds of local residents will be impacted with the majority being Cheshire West and Chester residents (as opposed to Cheshire East residents) – a scenario that was completely dismissed and ignored by the contentious Cheshire East planning hearing held on 4th April 2018.

Negative Effect upon the Character of the Area – This application proposes a significant loss of prime agricultural land, woodland, trees, flora and fauna. These will ultimately be replaced by a sterile lake with conditions already proposed to exclude wild birds completely from the site. This application brings no benefit whatsoever to any local resident, business or visitor to the area. It is merely a plan to further industrialise prime Cheshire countryside.

Jodrell Bank – The observatory has raised a host of conditions in isolation to themselves that are required to be met before any form of construction activity can begin.

Planning Conditions – In addition to Jodrell Bank an extensive number of planning conditions have been attached to this application having been required by statutory agencies. Any planning application should be as complete and acceptable as possible and should not require such an extensive number of conditions in order for it be deemed to be an acceptable proposition. It remains to be seen how these conditions could effectively be enforced across two Local Planning Authorities who are considering this application outside of Government expectations under the Local Government Act 1972.

I respectfully submit that this application is required to be refused.



Please e-mail to [email protected] quoting Reference 17/03104/MIN or post to

Planning Applications Department, Cheshire West and Chester Council, HQ Building, Chester, CH1 2NP quoting the same.