This fund now defunct, was administered by Cheshire east on behalf of the government it was intended to bring forward stalled low cost or social housing developments .

Up to £150,000 was made available to each application, it was paid in stages  has the buildings were  constructed .

Payments were only made to registered developers or housing associations.

The parish council were advised by third parties that they were eligible to receive funds and subsequently spent over a thousand pounds to have the relevant forms filled out. This despite one councillor D Hopley  stating in a council meeting that the parish council wont receive the funds, he was ignored has were several residents that also stated the same thing at that meeting.

Requests by the parish chronicle to Cheshire east for the relevant information took several months to be received

We eventually received several e-mails from  Vikki Jeffrey  Senior Policy Officer  Cheshire East Council.

In them she stated that.

No successful application was made by the parish council.

Confirmed that no monies would go to the parish council.

An application had been made by the Muir group housing association.

That the Muir group had withdrawn their application due to no contract of sale exists between the parish council and themselves.



Why did the parish council pursue this course of action without checking if they were eligible, especially has they were at that time about to receive back the questionnaire from residents that overwhelmingly voted not to sell the paddock.

The only conclusion that one can come too is that certain parish councillors were prepared to ignore the residents however they voted in the questionnaire when it was returned.

Time has proven that to be the case.