Dear Local Resident,

You have until the 17th November to raise any objection to the following so I would do it today!

Cheshire East Planning Reference 16/4724W

Planning Permission has been submitted by Sibelco UK to Cheshire East Council for a 14-year+ silica sand quarry at Rudheath Lodge Farm, the farm covering 92 hectares on the A50 at the junction with Northwich Road.  

Should permission be granted, Sibelco UK have confirmed that 100 heavy goods vehicles will be attending the proposed site every day, 6 days per week, 52 weeks per year for up to 14 years and beyond, utilising all local roads to access the M6 at Junctions 17, 18, 19 and 20. The A50 is already at capacity, dangerous and is a designated Red Route as direct result, with 79 accidents recorded since 2011. This proposal merely increases the percentage chance of you or your family being involved in a collision.

The proposed site will cover the entire triangle of land that sits adjacent to Goostrey Lane, New Platt Lane and the A50 Knutsford Road. Should this permission be granted, the landscape will change for evermore with large scale destruction of trees, hedgerows and significant destruction of local wildlife habitats, to be replaced with what is essentially an industrial quarry.

The entrance to the site itself will be on New Platt Lane. Studies have shown that local wind patterns will result in sand dust being blown in the direction of New Platt Lane and Goostrey village.

Links between silica sand dust and cancer remain inconclusive but does anyone really wish to take a chance that these tests will not ultimately demonstrate a link that will impact upon the health of us all, our children and our grandchildren? Sibelco UK have been non-committal about the future use of the sand to be extracted from the site, and there is widespread speculation that it may be used for fracking purposes.

Cheshire East Planning Reference 16/4724W refers. Please register objections via the Cheshire East Website or if you prefer e mail your objection with your name, address and e mail address to [email protected] and we will submit the objection on your behalf. There is significant interest in this proposal from the local press.

The deadline for objections is 17th November 2016, time is against us so we urge you to act now!

Further Information:

Twitter : @goostreyfields

email : [email protected]

Your Urgent Help Is Needed To Save the Goostrey, Cranage and Allostock Countryside

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