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Is the quarry going to be used to produce FRACKING SAND?


Given that the scale of any shale gas development in the UK is likely to be modest in the near future, it seems likely that the UK has the resources and the production capability to meet the domestic demand for frac sand. The major silica sand producers in the UK, such as Aggregate Industries, Hanson Aggregates, Lafarge Tarmac and Sibelco, are all actively considering the potential to produce frac sand from their existing operations. Initially at least, frac sand production would probably come from increased production at their existing operations rather than new quarries. At this stage it is difficult to predict the amount of frac sand that would be required. The experience from production in the USA is that each well would require in the order of 2000 to 10,000 tonnes of frac sand depending on the length of the well and the number of hydraulic fracturing treatments. In the USA, the amount of silica sand used for hydraulic fracturing has increased dramatically over the last 10 years. In 2003, 1.3 million tonnes were used and in 2013 it was 29.9 million tonnes (United States Geological Survey, 2014). This represents an increase of 2300%

There is a 17 Page meaty report which can be downloaded here UK Frac Sand Resources Which is certainly worth a read and then you can ask appropriate questions!

So feel free to dig and ask the questions at either open day exhibition 🙂