Last week the Sandbach Chronicle reported that ex Councillor John Halstead had breached the code of conduct in his dealings with the Woodside golf club planning application. But no further action will be taken.

This week’s edition on the front page states two parish councillors Mike Hodge and Genevieve  Morgan will not be referred to the police for “potentially” breaching the Cheshire East code of conduct.

These two councillors were opposed to the Sebelco quarry application that the parish council approved and were standing up for the mass majority of residents that opposed this application. Over 300 letters of objection were received by Cheshire East on this issue.

The allegations brought by ex-councillor Dooley over declarations of interest are believed to be malicious and inaccurate according to Councillor Mike Hodge, he goes on to state, he has written to the monitoring officer and asked him how he came to the conclusion that he had a pecuniary interest in the sibelco planning application. He also questioned why he did not have the right of appeal.


There seems to be total confusion over the declarations of interest and the different definition’s over private interest and pecuniary interest.

Not only is this at the parish council level but also at the Cheshire East monitoring office level.

This needs to be sorted out and clear guide lines be set down that everyone can understand and follow.

Given the state of the top three officers at Cheshire East, who by the way are costing all of us a king’s ransom they might like to start there.

The editor of the Sandbach Chronicle in a recent editorial called for Cheshire East to be placed in special measures perhaps that should include Cranage Parish Council also. And we agree with his comments.

Residents perhaps need to ask what the hell is going on?