Dear Local Resident,

FP McCann have now submitted 3 more applications whilst not finishing off the previous applications.

These are:

18/04268/S73 – Wed 17 Oct 2018 – Variation of Condition 9 (General Deliveries) of 17/04482/FUL (to allow deliveries from 6am)

18/03322/LDC – Extension to existing production building – This is extending the current new building towards Middlewich Road by about 15 % and from the drawings it seems to block off the opportunity for trucks to drive around the other side of the building on the Gas plant side.

18/03956/FUL – Thu 11 Oct 2018 – Extension to existing production building, removal of two trees

I cannot see from the website the date of objections being required but I know the deadline is imminent. The immediate residents have only been consulted late and once again the parish council were not consulted until late.

As usual the FP McCann applications all on the surface seem like a reasonable responsible company who are happily expanding creating more jobs no doubt.

The reality is quite different and FP McCann have been served several notices on breach of hours by the council. Our concern that the Council will support the application to extend hours simply to make the complaints go away and give in the McCann’s relentless expansion strategy.

To bring you the reality:

FP McCann want more and more trucks on the road earlier than 7am start and they will be passing your house at 5.30 am to arrive at the 6am start time. The road wasn’t designed as an industrial rat run which it will turn into. The site as we have previously stated should be in Winsford on an industrial estate.

  1. FP McCann have not completed much of the landscaping.
  2. The bund is far too low – lower than the blue gates that don’t blend in
  3. The trees don’t screen the site especially in Winter
  4. The screening and depth of screening has not been planted and FP McCann have concreted over much of the field and scraped away the side of the bund to maximise the size of the site.
  5. FP McCann have been caught working through the night on several occasions in breach of the existing hours
  6. FP McCann have actively encouraged drivers to go towards the old entrance then caused them to back out to create a problem which they then wanted to use as a reason to get their site plan through. When this was pointed out the problem immediately went away.
  7. FP McCann have not removed the signage which they themselves and it is superfluous and intrusive and not in keeping with rural Byley.
  8. FP McCann have been caught working outside from 6am frequently
  9. FP McCann have caused noise nuisance at all times of day and night with beeping of trucks reversing and the sound of metal being dropped on concrete disturbing the neighbours on both sides of the site
  10. FP McCann have not completed the screening at the new entrance and have let it be used from time to time with both trucks entering and leaving being caught on camera. They ridiculously have dumped soil on concrete to give the impression that they have completed it
  11. One of the applications requires two trees with Tree Preservation Orders on to be removed to expand towards the residents
  12. FP McCann apparently falsified noise readings in the initial application per the McCann Cambridge site objectors (yes we are not alone)

None of the 3 applications were discussed with either the residents or the parish council.

Please note that due to the size of McCann’s now the Council are referring to Byley as an industrial area which is no longer rural. This if we don’t put a stop to it will just mean more industrial sites being allowed here.

There have been so many complaints to Esther McVey that her aide said that it was difficult to see the wood from the trees to which I replied their isn’t a wood since McCann chopped it down over night and McCann is planning to remove two of  the remaining TPO trees.

I would remind resident that there were no complaints at all about Buchans its only since FP McCann acquired the site that this has occurred.

I urge you to object to these applications especially the early start one by logging into

and typing in either FP McCANN or 18/04268/S73

I suggest you object on :

  • FP McCann failure to complete the previous applications
  • Continued breach of planning requirements over a long period of time
  • Noise
  • Intrusion on family life
  • Moratorium on planning on this site for at least 2 years to assess the impact of the current footprint

Kind regards

 Steve Moran

 Vice Chairman
Byley Village Council
18th November 2018