FP McCann Update

The fight for justice against FP McCann continues.

FP McCann have submitted yet another application, this time for a very large extension, without having finished the previous ones (screening, closing off kings lane)

FP McCann have recently created new problems in terms of noise from the pecker, deliveries and constant beeping or trucks.

The council amazingly and suspiciously failed to inform the residents, neighbours the COMAH site next door and the parish council of this NEW application (18/03322/LDC ) hence why we are late to object. They say its like adding an extension on your house and is permitted development. This “rogue” Company must been stopped.

In particular:

  1. The Company has dumped equipment and uses the field area for storage in breech of conditions
  2. The Kings Lane entrance is not properly sealed or permanently blocked off and is still being used.
  3. The promised screening has not been provided and landscaped designated area has been concreted over
  4. The bund is too low in parts and machinery is clearly visible off the operational site.
  5. The trees have been removed from near the entrance and replacement screening has not been put in place..
  6. The noise from the site is worse now than ever
  7. Company trucks are now for the first time parking in front of residents houses over night
  8. The Company has deliveries before 7am in breach of conditions without effective enforcement by the Council.
  9. The Company works outside before 8am
  10. The Company has started to use a pecker (like a pneumatic drill) to beak up concrete near the residents houses.
  11. The Company has its equipment beeping constantly and unnecessarily loudly

A basic objection would be:

“I object in the strongest terms to this additional application.

This Company have consistently failed to meet the criteria and requirements of all previous applications and continued to encroach on farm land towards local homes without any concerns for the local residents. They are trying to normalise unacceptable intrusive noise.

Further extensions are not acceptable either to the local residents or neighbouring businesses and should not be granted. Furthermore action should be being taken to enforce the conditions already in place from previous applications which have not been complied with.

This Company rides rough-shed over the whole planning process and fails to comply with regulations and conditions previously set by the planning committee. This will simply go on and on if not stopped”


Mark Stocks who is Shakerley Ward Councillor recently within the last two weeks wrote to the Cheshire West Council (without reply as yet)

“You will be aware that this site has been the subject of huge concern to the residents of Byley since work commenced on the site illegally with the removal of woodland.

The residents have regularly complained and reported activities on and around the site that breach various conditions on the site including noise. Working hours. Hours at which the site is being accessed and working practice on the site.

As a council we have a duty of care to these residents to ensure there quality of life is not impacted by developments like this.

We should be robustly investigating and challenging all the evidence submitted by local residents and not just seeking FP Mccanns responses they are never going to admit what they are doing on the site is in breach of any conditions on the site.

  • I would like to see a full response produced to every issue raised by residents in the last 6 months.
  • I would like a full noise level check across the whole site to be put in place in for a month.
  • I would like detailed confirmation :
  • That all works on the site under the various planning approvals have been carried are correctly positioned as per the approved plans.
  • That all structures on the site are correctly positioned in accordance with planning approvals.
  • That all landscaping is correctly constructed and has been completed to the approved plan submitted

I understand there is a lot detail required but as another new planning has been received before that should be considered we need to ensure the site meets completely with previous approvals in place.

I would expect building control may need to be involved to carry work on verifying the position and location of all the buildings. Also can ensure the farm land in site is still there.
I look forward to hearing from you”

Mark Stocks


I spoke at a meeting 3 years ago when this Company landed on us and said that this Company will set a precedence in the area if the Council didn’t act. Today this is our doorstep and tomorrow it could be on yours so please object to the Council to register that will not be accepted in any part of Cheshire West (or East) and advise Mark Stocks accordingly.

The Council website address is


and just type McCann or 18/03322/LDC or CW10 9RJ (McCann’s new postcode)

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Feedback to myself, Mark (and also Esther & John) would be welcome

Steve Moran

Vice Chair

Byley Village Council