Dear Local Resident,

This letter is to bring to your attention to the current situation regarding the FP McCann’s concrete works formally Buchan’s.

Since the first planning application several more planning applications have been submitted and further ones are still to be submitted. We thank you for your support in objecting to some of these applications. As you might see if you drive past the site the new production building has been erected but we are continuing to successfully push for the bunds and tree planting to minimise the visual effects.

As a result of the strength of your objections and continued monitoring of the site we (the parish council) have held site meetings and had ongoing discussions with FP McCann and some of the most affected residents.

These meetings have raised/tackled several issues.


The entrance to the site from Kings Lane was of concern in that the Company wished to alter the main road B5081 alignment to allow their large articulated vehicles to turn into and emerge out of Kings Lane to/from the B5081, this was virtually impossible to make safe and all of which was highly dangerous in the Parish Council view.


The Parish Council proposed an alternative entrance further along the B5081 which you will see is now under construction, which is all approved by Cheshire West planning. This new entrance will be a vast improvement in safety as the vision from the entrance is considerably greater. This new entrance will be screened by a bund, trees and a bell mouth entrance. When this new B5081 entrance has been commissioned critically it means that the Kings Lane entrance will be permanently closed. The Kings Lane will return to its rural status allowing better safety for cyclists, joggers, pedestrians and horse riders alike.


Further issues revolve around the lighting level in general for the site and discussions are planned currently taking place between the Parish and FPM to try to address these concerns which the PC and residents find intrusive.


After site visits further work is now underway to reinforce the height of the soil bund around the north and west (Kings Lane and B5081) of the site to screen the development from view this will be replanted with trees and shrubs this spring. The work has been hampered by the weather.


FP McCann have applied for planning permission for a further crane the same size as the last crane installed which was bigger than the previous 6 cranes. This will bring the total of tracked cranes to eight, the Parish Council have reaffirmed that they wish to see all the cranes painted grey to minimise the impact, this they FPM have assured will be carried out in the Summer during the better weather. Despite some concerns the Parish council have pragmatically taken the view not to object to this application


A further application has been submitted for two signs at the new entrance, set back from the road.

Originally these signs were to be illuminated but following discussions with The Parish Council all illumination has been removed & the size of the signs reduced and the Parish Council will now support this application. The existing signs on the corner of Kings Lane will be removed when the new entrance is commissioned.


The hours of working are also still of concern in that there seems to be breaches of the hours agreed under the planning permissions already granted and the PC are continuing to object and monitor.

We may need your support on this issue in the future.

I hope this update has been informative. If you have any questions or observations please get in touch with me on email [email protected]

Kind Regards

John Beecroft
Byley Parish Council