Today we have received an update from Fiona Bruce MP in relation to highways and the work being done by Jim and his team, we believe Jim is a drummer in a spare time but waiting for confirmation.

Anyway you can see Fiona’s letter FIONABRUCE19042016

And our reply below

Dear Fiona

Ref your letter the 13th April

I note the contents from andrew jones MP and would comment the following,

Highways England carried out an environmental assessment but did not carry out a full impact assessment which we have referred to in previous correspondence,

A full impact assessment would have required them to look at the noise levels that already exist not just at what they propose and what increase is caused by this.

The existing noise levels have been above the levels set down by the EU before the works began, the residents accept that the construction phase will be noisy and would like to see better consultation taking place between residents and the contractors, the main issue is that though several properties are within 300 meters of the M6, no correspondence or site visits have taken place to address the concerns over noise that the operational scheme will cause when it’s completed.

The statement that nine barriers are now reduced to eight needs to be addressed , ask yourself why was a perfectly good bungalow demolished in oak tree lane ,well the answer is the owners could not sell it because no mortgage company would provide funds due to the noise levels and the pollution levels ,yet other properties are being ignored that are in the vicinity ,no mitigation on noise and a total blanket ban on pollution , it’s not their problem, is what they say

So residents are angry that nothing practical is being put forward to address the noise or indeed the pollution, all because it’s based on what they propose isn’t making things significantly worse, but the situation we already have is dangerous to residents health.

Basically the information from andrew jones is just the same rehashed statement put out by highways England several months ago.

The minister should not have signed off on the requirement for a full impact assessment in the first instance, he was misled by highways England, that a full impact assessment which was a statutory requirement was not required.

So to answer your question whilst the noise level from the works at night need to be addressed, it’s the longer term situation that is of greater concern to residents, anything that you can do in this direction would be most helpful.

We need more barriers not less . less noise and less pollution, a recent report states 200.000 deaths over the next five years predicted to be caused by pollution.

Best regards