Dear Fiona

Firstly congratulations on being re-elected to parliament.

You were aware of the meeting with Andrew Brown from Highways England which due to the election you were unable to attend but your staff asked to keep you informed.
Below is a transcript of a statement read to the meeting and a copy was handed to Mr Brown.

Part of the discussion that followed was around what could be done over the noise issue and the pollution, suggestions were put forward about installing a fence along the line of the existing post and rail fence to replace it in effect, suggestions were put forward for the community to seek funding for the costs involved Cheshire East councillor Andrew Kolker and parish councillor Allister Townson put forward suggestions along this line. there was great concern from residents about the health implications not being addressed, and the reliance on computer modelling rather than real results being taken to establish how serious both the noise and pollution levels are.

What was agreed was that Mr Brown would supply the technical requirements for a noise reducing fence to me, and ask if it could be installed on the boundary line ,he was concerned that highways would be responsible for the maintenance, and we asked if the community funded the purchase would highways install it.

the community are trying to help themselves but feel that highways are not responding, Parish Councillor Allister Townson made a very good point when he said are you afraid to set a president by installing a fence here that other areas might want the same treatment, why not set a president then. Several raised that fences are installed on other schemes recently yet we seem to be ignored.

Other discussions were over planting conifers on part of the section and if anything can be done to reduce the sound coming from the bridges.
how we take this forward depends on a number of factors, there were calls to involve the press at national level and to mount a campaign, others were dismayed at Cheshire East and the lack of openness on the pollution aspect especially given the recent removal of web based data on NOx levels,

The facts are that levels of noise have risen and the pollution levels show an alarming increase yet no one is prepared to tackle the problems ,and you can see below the number of health related issues just on Oak Tree lane that have arisen in recent years. No doubt if data was obtained from other roads affected in cranage by the M6 this might well show similar rises in cancers.
your thoughts would be appreciated

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Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen and thank you Mr Andrew Brown from Highways England for coming along to the meeting today.
I will introduce everyone and state where they live in Cranage, and how they are affected by the M6.

My name is Joan Wild and my husband is Peter ,Mr Henry Sunley his wife Hannah and three children live at Newlands.
Mr Graham Rathbone and his wife Maureen live at Allotment View Mr Innan Choudhry and his family at Acorns Mr Andrew Barwell and his family at Silverdale.
Mr and Mrs Kinsey representing their daughter on Byley lane Mrs Caroline Oaks Middlewich Road Mrs Vera farrow Northwich Road Mrs Anita Halman Northwich Road Councillor Andrew Kolker Cheshire East Councillor Allister Townson Cranage Parish Councillor.
apologies from Jane Tully, Allotment wood, Mr and Mrs Jay, Jubilee and Nicola and Neil Alexander, Ashlands , and finally our MP Fiona Bruce who was coming today but as she has been re-elected she has been recalled to parliament, she has asked to be given an update on how this meeting progressed.

She has great concerns about noise and pollution, and at one of our many meetings with her she said so many homes are affected ,Northwich Road, Sandy Lane, Kings Lane, Oak Tree Lane, Middlewich Road and Byley Lane. We have printed off a map of our area and marked up the areas of concern.
May I begin by saying we do not object to the smart motorway in principle.

The motorway noise levels have been rising over the years, when we moved here in 1995 the motorway went quiet at night, now we have 144000 vehicles passing us daily rising to 188000 when the motorway is finished (highways figures) plus this will rise more over the coming years.
So some 18 months ago when we first knew about the smart motorway upgrade we contacted Highways England to see if they could put in some measure to help us.
The noise can often be heard as a constant rumble and roar and is particularly intrusive to those that live closest to it.
The noise levels we experience when the wind is coming from the west which is most days, we have decibel readings of 68-74 we have reached 91. The levels are increased on wet days. All data supplied to Highways England.

Then we have the pollution problem.

Pollution levels NOx levels for oak tree lane, the tube is situated on a pole at Mr Rathbones home 90 meters from the motorway it has been in situ for 12 months ,the data from this tube has risen at quite an alarming rate 37,48 now average for the year..
On Northwich road 44mts from the M6 this tube has passed 40 quite a few times April reading 43.85.the data was supplied by Cheshire East environmental health Mr Martin Brown.
No information for PM10 or 2.5 particulates matter is available at present but world wide data shows that if NOx levels are rising then particulate matter will also rise.
We are very concerned about the amount of cancer that residents in the 8 house on our lane have experienced in the past 10 to 12 years 8 types of cancer 3 of these stage 4 I case of emphysema leading onto a double lung transplant and 7 cases of asthma and breathing related conditions. There is a direct scientific link between particulate matter and human health.
We understand you are putting in a barrier at the end of Oak Tree Lane, what height and length will this be.

The recommended length is six times the distance from the receptor this is information from various recognised industry sources and the national physics laboratory.
Is this all that you are putting in place.

We discussed conifers to screen parts of the motorway and have permission from Mr and Mrs Oakes to plant 110 castwelyn green on 211mts of the land from Middlewich road bridge southwards ,you will see conifers planted opposite this on the northbound side.

What we would like to happen to protect us is.

The conifers will help in time Middlewich Road and Byley Lane, the bridge on Middlewich Road affects Oak Tree Lane as the noise bounces off the bridge can something be done to insulate this bridge similar to those insulated in europe.

We then need a 5mt high fence from the bridge blocking off Oak Tree Lane. We see 8 lanes of traffic daily, and now your compound on the north side, this has come as a surprise as no one was informed we were getting this and we can’t get clarification of when the motorway is finished if this will be returned to agricultural land .perhaps you can enlighten us.

The fence would block out the headlights through the night which constantly flash on the windows of Allotment Wood and Allotment View. carrying on the fence northwards to Kings Lane, you will have to install new fencing on this stretch as the existing one has fallen down and is open in sections where a child or animal could get on the motorway, take the same fence past Sandy Lane and continue to Northwich you can see we are trying to help ourselves with conifers and a fence would help with noise and pollution, which will all rise as the years go on.
Your thoughts please.