The following is a letter from a local resident who asks that very question

Dear resident

I regularly attend the Parish Council meetings.

I write to inform all residents of Cranage over what the parish council have agreed to spend our money on, which I think requires reviewing and all residents should be made aware of.

They are going ahead with the extension to the play area on Needham drive to create an adult fitness area.

The cost of this is some £17,000, partially funded by a lottery grant of £10,000,

I wish to point out a number of things

The existing children’s play area that was recently extended is not well used and has been subjected to several bouts of vandalism; including being set on could be argued that what the PC spent on this was a waste of our funds.

It seems only a handful of residents are in support of the proposal for the adult play area and it’s not known if those are in fact all actual residents of Cranage.

It will attract teenagers and adults to congregate on this area which is mostly not overlooked by houses.

This could lead to more antisocial behaviour and given the recent drugs raids by police including on Needham drive and Middlewich road do we wish to create an area that can be attractive to the more undesirable elements in our society. It certainly seems we have a drug problem in cranage.

How long before some damage is done to the bowling club faculties which are adjacent.

These proposed structures are in timber and tyres all flammable materials.

Paedophiles could be using the adult area legitimately whilst looking at young children as there is no CCTV covering this area and there is a wooded area close by.

I certainly won’t be allowing my children to use this area.

A further thing of concern is that the PC have decided to spend money on the football pitches near the sewage works to increase the drainage ,they spent £500  several years ago on this, now they have given the go ahead to spend £3200 more.

This is on land that is in fact a flood plain for the river.

But the main criticism I have is the land is owned by Cheshire East not the Parish Council and the income from the pitches is paid to Cheshire East, and it is therefore their responsibility to pay for any upkeep not the PC .we all pay our rates to Cheshire East which goes towards such upkeep, so for the PC to pay is a double taxation burden on us all.

The PC vastly increased what we pay from each household last April known as the precept and its included in the household rates ,without giving any thought to those that are on low or fixed incomes, they did this on  the basis that they would need  funds to establish the neighbourhood plan for Cranage, only one councillor came forward to progress this body of work and has had to put this all on hold due to family commitments, so with no one stepping into the breach they have stopped any further development, some of the extra money is now on deposit and it would seem the rest is burning a hole in the PC pocket given the actions of late.

Is it not time this PC was held accountable for the money they waste on ill thought out projects.


A long suffering resident of cranage and my view of the proposals


Inam Choudhry