Below is a copy of what was said to the committee on behalf of Cranage Residents on the 24th August 2013.

Good afternoon My name is joan wild thank you for allowing me to speak,   you may remember I spoke about this application at the last planning committee meeting

We agree with Councillor Andrew kolkers letter also states that this site fails all aspects of sustainability.

There was reference to a bus route being available at the last meeting and since then we have researched this and find that it is not of any use to anyone who wishes to get a school age child to the catchment schools of holmes chapel on time for 9am or to collect them at 3pm

The bus stop point is needham drive a distance to far to walk with young children, just 60yds short of a mile along the A50 especially given the narrow footpath or no footpath at all in places.

It’s of no use to anyone working 8hrs or more to either get to or from Holmes chapel l or the local train station.

The time table shows the first bus is 9-15 am and the last drop off is 2-15 pm

I have copies of the time table for you if you wish.

With regards to low cost housing

Dane housing along with other approved providers already have  properties .

Cranage has 36   16 of which are on the needham drive estate,10 at bigstone gardens and 10 spread   over carver ave goostrey lane and middlewich rd.

Add to this in holmes chapel  rural   goostrey 33   twemlow 3  plus 13 under construction

This totals 85 affordable homes

Plus there are others already submitted for planning approval 2 in this meeting today .

You are no doubt aware of the substantial amount in the region of 90 approved for homeschapel and already construction has started.  Plus 54 already in holmes chapel

We don’t know whether  the applicant has conducted a housing needs survey as requested by the planning committee at the last meeting but based on the information we have collected, we think it highly likely that the supply will far exceed demand and therefore this application should be refused based on both need and sustainability.

I would like to remind the committee of the results of the questionnaire survey carried out by cranage parish council with a nearly 60% return  and a nearly 6 to 1 opposing development .

Note if required to answer questions

Housing is listed on Cheshire east web site and attached approved suppliers web sites